Naturally, parents and family members are interested in supporting students in their efforts to secure appropriate employment. Here are some resources and tips to help guide the process.

Six ways parents and family members can help students with their job hunt:

  • Read over your student’s resume to offer a fresh perspective, but do not write the resume.
  • Coach your student on how to negotiate a salary offer, but do not negotiate on his or her behalf.
  • Brainstorm ideas for your student’s job search, but do not conduct the search.
  • Practice interview questions with your student, but do not serve as one of your student’s references.
  • Alert your student to a local job fair, but do not attend with your student (or worse yet, for your student).
  • Talk over the pros and cons of job choices with your student, but do not make the final job decision.

(Adapted from “It’s Not Your Mom’s Job Hunt,” by Dan Finnigan. Hire Education blog. The Wall Street Journal