Majors & Career Planning

Career Planning Model Set Goals Take Action Explore Majors & Careers Explore Self

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Explore Self
What are your interests, values, abilities, strengths, past experiences, and personality type? Through self-assessment you can better understand how certain majors and careers may be a better fit for you. Isn’t it better to discover your interests now, while still in college, then to find out many years later when stuck in a career field that does not hold your interest? Exploring and learning more about yourself is usually the first place to start. This will help you eliminate careers you have no interest in pursuing.

Explore Majors & Careers
Did you know that there are over 22,000 occupational titles in the United States and over 100 academic majors at ECU? You cannot possibly think about or investigate all of them. You may want to start by learning about different job titles in your major or field of interest, required skills and experience, job outlook in that area, and salary and advancement opportunities. ECU Career Services provides many tools and resources to help you explore these possibilities.

Set Goals
Once you have learned about yourself and have researched majors and careers, you can start to think about the next steps. Setting goals can help you start small in working towards long-term career goals. Attempt to set achievable goals that move you towards learning more about a career of interest and confirming you are on the right track.

Take Action
Now that you have identified a career or major of interest and set some goals, it is now time to take action towards these goals. Taking action and testing the water is an important part of confirming your career goals. You will never know if you find fulfillment in a career until you try the occupation out for yourself. ECU Career Services provides several resources and tools to help you identify and secure employment, volunteer and networking opportunities.