Preparing for the Job Interview

Know Yourself
Make a list of your relevant skills, abilities, and experiences and be ready to provide specific examples.
Know the Organization and Position
Research mission, history, goals, customers, products, services and decision makers, and regional salaries. Search the employer's website, the website of competitors, the Occupational Information Network, and/or Mergent Online.
Know What Employers Want
Communication, teamwork, and problem solving are the top desired skills; be ready to provide examples of your ability to succeed in these areas.
Know What They Will Ask
Review potential questions and determine in advance you will answer them. Include a section on questions?
Know the Topic
Brief yourself with related current events, as well as social and ethical issues related to the field.

Practice Interviews

About Practice Interviews
This is an experiential learning opportunity that helps ECU students learn how to interview through directed practice. Practice interview options include face to face interviews, phone interviews, video conference interviews (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.), and virtual interviews (recordings of candidate answering pre-recorded questions.)
Face to Face
A Career Counselor or volunteer will ask you standard interview questions and help you determine what the question is really asking. Feedback will focus on the content of your answers, the delivery, and non-verbal communication.
Telephone Practice Interviews
Telephone interviews present special challenges to both recruiter and the candidate. Without the ability to read body language, it is especially important to know how to use listening and verbal skills. A Counselor or volunteer will familiarize you with questions to expect and techniques needed to successfully manage telephone interviews.
Video Interviews
Video chat software such as Skype or Google Hangouts has eliminated the need to travel long distances to interview for internships or jobs. Video chats are frequently used as a means to pre-screen candidates. A variety of challenges accompany video chat interviews and HIRED practice interviews help students use and maximize video chat technology.
Web-Based Practice Interviews
Employer usage of virtual interviews to screen candidates has rapidly increased and it is important to know how to effectively utilize the technology. With InterviewStream technology, you can practice and polish your interview skills anywhere you can access a webcam and the Internet. During a virtual interview you will record yourself answering a set of pre-recorded questions. You can create a customized interview or select from a list of interviews that have already been created.
Click here to access InterviewStream.

Possible Questions

How Do I Schedule A Practice Interview?
Call the Career Center at 252-328-6050 to arrange an appointment time.
How Do I Get Started?
Research jobs in your field and select a company and a position for which you will practice interview. You will need to provide this information to your interviewer in advance.
How Do I Get the Job Information and Resume to the Interviewer?
You may email your job information and resume to the counselor who will conduct your interview or you may upload your resume and a HIRED Job Summary Form to your account in CareerNET.
How Do I Find InterviewStream?
What Else Do I Need to Know?
Attire: Please dress in a suit or professional business attire for all interviews including Skype, phone, and InterviewStream.
Parking: Student parking is not available at the main office. Allow enough travel time to locate a parking spot.
Job Resources: You may use any database of your choosing to find a job for interviewing. ECU CareerNET provides you with four robust job and internship databases.