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Resume Styles

Chronological resumes present your job-related experiences in reverse chronological date order (most recent listed first and then going backwards in time). Consider using this style if you have an established career direction and you are continuing on the same or similar career path.

Functional resumes group your skills and experiences together based on job-related functional areas. Place your experience statements together beneath job-related functional areas. A chronological listing of employment history should also be included. Consider using this style if you are changing career direction or if you have skill sets from past experiences that may not be directly related.

Combination resumes bring relevant work experience/ history to the forefront by breaking the experience/work history in to two sections: “Related” and “Other/Additional.” The combination resume generally starts with a functional resume format that allows the reader to see your skills, accomplishments, and qualifications. It first lets the reader see the experience you have that is related to the job opening, then lets the potential employer look at your work history. This style allows the reader to first match your qualifications against the needs of the job opening, and then gives the reader a sense of where the accomplishments took place.

Resumes and a Curriculum Vita are different styles of document with differing information. For more information see the comparison chart below or click here.

CV vs Resume


While the resume serves as an “advertisement” and overview of your background, the cover letter can heighten the employer’s incentive to learn more about you and connect your skills to the opportunity.  Tailor your letter to the requirements of the position and the employer’s needs.


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