Campus Recreation and Wellness


What is a Campus Wellness Education Leader (CWEL)?

Campus Wellness and Fitness strives to provide the ECU Community with health information, programs and resources that promote healthy lives styles among members of ECU’s campus community. One of the ways that our wellness and fitness team achieve this goal is through the efforts of our Campus Wellness Education Leaders (CWELS).  Campus Wellness Education Leaders are hired and trained student leaders that help to encourage other students to make responsible and healthy choices regarding different health and wellness topics. They assist the Wellness and Fitness team with developing, and conducting outreach programming across ECU’s campus in an effort to inform fellow Pirates about relevant health, wellness and fitness issues as they relate to related to health and wellness that affect ECU’s campus community. 

Major responsibilities

  • Conduct health education outreach 
  • Presents to student groups on several health, fitness and wellness related topics 
  • Assist in the design and implementation of other activities related to health and wellness (i.e. awareness campaigns, screening days, and other wellness initiatives)
  • Trained and demonstrate effective bystander intervention skills
  • Effectively refer students to campus resources based on a student’s health and wellness needs
  • Actively contributes to Campus Recreation and Wellness (CRW) strategic planning and staff development
Click here to see a list of available outreach programs offered by Wellness staff.


  • ECU student in good academic standing
  • Complete the applicant-interview process
  • Previous peer education experience
  • A passion for recreation, wellness and health education 


  • Gain experience as a group facilitator, educator and presenter
  • Gain loads of leadership opportunities, personal and professional development
  • Acquire knowledge and training on current health and wellness topics affecting college students 
  • Opportunity to become a Nationally Certified Peer Educator 

How do I become a CWEL?

We are constantly looking for a diverse group of student to be a part of this wellness and fitness team.  This employment opportunity is open to students from all academic majors.  Visit hirapirate to complete and submit your application.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact Ainsley Worrell at or call 252-328-5770.