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Swim Lessons

Child Group Swim Lessons

Due to the lack of parking while the new student center in under construction, we will not be offering group swim lessons until the construction is complete. You may still request private swim lessons by going to the Main Office of the Student Recreation Center.        

Private Swim Lessons

A private swim instructor will work with you individually to improve your swim strokes, teach you new stokes and develop work out plans. Our private swim lesson program offers you personalized assistance to safely and effectively reach your goals.

Choose from a variety of packages: 

  • 2 Lessons $30
  • 4 Lessons $50
  • 6 Lessons $75
  • 8 Lessons $95

Level Descriptions (Once group lessons return)

Tadpole: Beginner
Fish: Intermediate 
Dolphin: Advanced 

These group swim lessons are designed for beginner swimmers. The class will do a swim test on the first day to divide them up into small groups that fit their skill level.