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Frequently Asked Questions about our facilities
Opening Date: January 1997
Size: 150,277 square feet total
98,000 square feet programmable space
Cost: The total cost for the facility construction was $16.4 million. An additional $1.7 million was attributed to site selection/prep, design fees, etc. Total Facility Cost-$18.1 million
Operating Hours: 112 hours weekly academic year, 95 hours weekly summer
Annual Budget: Operational, Programs and Services $4,997,327
Funding: The $76.00 yearly activity fee serves as the guarantee toward the repayment of the public bid bonding project. The cost of the center is spread out over a 25 year period with the debt retirement planned for 2019. A $118.00 annual student fee provides for program operation. In addition on $8.00 per year separate student fee provides for maintenance and operation of the Blount Recreational Sports Fields Complex.
Student activity fees - 92% of revenue
faculty/staff and spouse memberships - 2.25% of revenue
Program/activity fees/other - 5.75% of revenue.
Staff: 17 full time professional
4 graduate assistant
1 internship available
200 plus student employees yearly
SRC Participation: 2,600 average SRC participants per day. Approximately 623 teams participated in intramural sports with over 1,600 contests played. In addition, students, faculty and staff have over 40 fitness program land based and aquatic exercise classes to choose from each week and can be one of the over 500 participants in 30 active club sports.
Program Participation: Full Time Males - 81.9%
Full Time Females - 71.2%
FM/FF combined Full Time - 75.5%
Total Males - 71%
Total Females - 59%
Total FM/FF Combined - 64%
University Demographics: Undergraduates: 17,510
Graduates: 5,273
Faculty: 1,529
Staff: 2,996
Student Gender: 61% women; 39% men
Minorities: 20% - 15% African American
Shared With: Exercise and Sport Science
Architects of Record for the State of North Carolina: Corley, Redfoot and Zack
P.O. Box 2368 Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Design Consultants: Hastings and Chive
700 Corporate Park Drive
Suite 400
St. Louis, MO 6315
General Contractor: T Loving Company
P.O. Box 919
Goldberg, NC 27533
Flooring: Superior Wood Flooring-Sports Equipment and Flooring Inc.
Monroe, NC
(704) 821-2550
Special Sports Carpet Surface-(exercise studio use) Mark 1 Guardian Plus by Collins & Woman