Available Adapted Equipment and Student Recreation Center Handicapped Features
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CRW has extra wheelchairs for anyone who wishes to participate or volunteer.

A list of adapted equipment and other facility features that can be found at the Student Recreation Center includes:
Access doors with push plates
Push plates are found next to the doors at the front desk entrance and by the outdoor pool. The plates allow for easy access in and out of the Student Recreation Center. Automatic_Door_plate_front_entrance_B Automatic_Door_plate_entrance_from_outdoor_pool_B
Special Needs Changing Room for Families and People with Disabilities
This room is customized for families and people with disabilities. It includes a wheelchair accessible shower and strategically placed handrails along the walls to aid transitions. Special_Needs_changing_room_B Special_needs_changing_room_2_B Special_Needs_changing_room_shower_B
Ramps to pools and weight room
Ramps are located going into the indoor and outdoor pool to make entry easier. Another ramp is located going down into the weight room. If you do not wish to get your own wheelchair wet, simply ask the lifeguard to get the pool wheelchair out of the storage room for use. Weight_Room_ramp_B Indoor_Pool_Ramp_B Outdoor_Pool_Ramp_B
Extra wide benches for locker room changing
These modified benches can be found in the women’s and men’s locker rooms for changing purposes. Extra_wide_benches_in_locker_rooms_B
TTY Phone (Relay) for hearing impaired
This device is located at the front desk for the use of people with hearing impairments. Staff at the front desk are available to provide assistance with this phone. TTY_phone_B
Elevator to 2nd floor
The elevator is located between Center Court and the weight room and allows access to the 2nd floor. Elevator_B
Wider Indoor Track lanes designed to accommodate wheelchairs and hand cycles
Hoyer Lift for access into the indoor swimming pool
This lift is another option for entry to the indoor pool if you do not wish to use the ramps. Lifeguards on duty are trained to assist in its use. Hoyer_Lift_B Hoyer_Lift_2_B
Hand Cycles available for checkout and use in the Student Recreation Center
This equipment item can be checked out at the Customer Services desk for use in the Student Recreation Center and are located in the wheelchair storage room on the 2nd floor. Hand_Cycle_B
Sport Wheelchairs for checkout and use in the Student Recreation Center
These wheelchairs are located in the wheelchair storage room on the 2nd floor. Sport_Wheelchairs_B Sport_Wheelchairs_2_B
Aquatic exercise vests, swimmer wings, resistance gloves
These items of aquatic equipment are located in the indoor swimming pool storage room to aid in your swimming experience. Ask an on duty lifeguard to obtain this equipment.
Goalball Equipment
Equipment for this visually impaired sport is housed in the wheelchair storage room. Goalball_B