Climb Safe Clinics - Learn to Belay

A belay workshop and belay test is required to become a belay checked-out climber at the climbing wall.  The belay workshop teaches the skills required to belay, which is the process of controlling the climber's rope. The belay certification/test is free and a score of 100% is needed to pass. 

Belay checked-out climbers may use their own climbing harness and may belay other climbers. However belay checked climbers may not allow beginners to belay. Climbers who already know how to belay only need to take the free belay test. 

Dates & Times:

Stop by the Adventure Center, we can offer a belay clinic during our normal operating hours.

Belay tests may be taken anytime the wall is open.

"In the month I've been climbing, 
I made new friends really quickly 
due to similar interests."

     -Matt S., freshman

Gym to Cliff Clinics - Take Your Climbing Outside - Free

In 1.5 hours, learn the essential skills to safely take your indoor climbing outdoors. 

All clinics are free and offered every Monday. 

Take each one once or multiple times. 

Climbing Movement & Technique 
Do you layback? Stem? Mantle? What are you doing with your hips? How is your climbing posture? Improve your climbing ability, climb harder and longer by learning proper technique. Geared towards people new to climbing through the intermediate climber wanting to climb harder. 

Cost: FREE! 
Time: 7pm 
Dates: TBD for Spring Semester.

No experience needed; includes equipment. 

Sport Anchor Building & Cleaning 
On many cliffs, you must climb up to the anchor, bringing the rope behind you, rather than always having the rope above you in top rope configuration. Learn how use a sport anchor to take your climbing a step further. 

Cost: FREE!
Time: 7pm 
Dates: TBD for Spring Semester

Some climbing experience needed; includes equipment. Should know how to belay.

Sport Climbing & Lead Belay 
Once you've taken the sport anchor clinic, next you'll want to learn how to actually sport lead. You'll learn how to clip the rope, fall, and belay a lead climb. This is the type of climbing almost all climbers love. 

Cost: FREE!
Time: 7pm 
Dates: TBD for Spring semester 

Some climbing experience needed; includes equipment. Should be able to climb 5.8 comfortably.

Top Rope Anchor Building 
The best & cheapest way to start climbing outside is with a top rope anchor configuration. This anchor configuration secures your rope above you as you climb; failure of this anchor is not an option.  Under the expert instruction of our climbing staff, learn how to safely, easily and confidently make a top rope anchor.

Cost: FREE! 
Time: 7pm 
Dates: TBD for Spring Semester 

Some experience needed; includes equipment. Should be able to belay.

About the Climbing Wall

With our friendly and experienced staff creating a social atmosphere, the climbing wall is an ideal place to 'hang' with other people.

No prior climbing experience is required; our staff provide tips, hints and encouragement. You can come alone and meet new people or come with your friends.

The Adventure Program Climbing Wall, located in the Student Recreation Center, offers climbing for all levels, with climbing terrain ranging from vertical to overhanging in a space of 27 feet high by 30 feet wide. 


The wall is free to use.

Wall Fees
Wall Usage: FREE!
Harness: FREE!
Staff Belayer: FREE!
Climbing Shoes: FREE! 

Belay Certification/Test: FREE!
Time: available during wall hours
Busiest hours: ~3:45-7:45pm
The wall will be closed Mon. Feb. 20th through Fri. Feb. 24th in preparations for the Flatlander's Fling Climbing Competition.

Climbing Wall

M - Th: 3PM - 9PM
F: 1PM - 6PM
Sat: Closed
Sun: 4PM-8PM

*closed select holidays & breaks

Contact Information
P: 252-328-1577