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SRC/Jones Fitness Pointe Fitness Area Polices

Athletic clothing and footwear must be worn.

Food/Beverages are not permitted in the Fitness Areas.  Liquids in spill proof bottles are allowed.

Equipment must be used as designed and as indicated by our Fitness Area Staff.

Olympic style lifting is not permitted.

There is a 30 minute time limit on all cardiovascular machines when others are waiting.

All equipment including weight plates and dumbbells are available for use in the weight room only.


Equipment must be in control of the user at all times.  Momentum and olympic techniques are not allowed as determined by our staff.

Personal Training Services by anyone other than approved CRW staff is not allowed.

No one under under 13 years old is allowed in our fitness areas.

All guests must be accompanied by the sponsoring member while utilizing the fitness areas.

Any customer behavior or clothing deemed inappropriate by our Fitness Area Staff Members will result in a verbal request for correction. 

Failure to comply with any requests by our staff or management team will result in immediate removal from the facility.