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2010-2011 Champions


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Spring 2011

Bowling League

Fraternity Gold Pike Gold
Fraternity Purple Beta Theta Pi
Sorority Kappa Delta
Men's Get Ya Popcorn Ready
Women's ECU Bad Girls
Co-Rec Unbowlievable

Innertube Waterpolo League

Co-Rec Those Guys

Basketball League

Fraternity Gold Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity Purple Chi Phi Purple
Sorority Alpha Phi
Men's Gold Pineapple Express
Men's Purple ECU Chosen
Women's Da Squad

Billiards Tournament

Fraternity Sean Kayes
Men's Robert Dodson

Foosball Tournament

Fraternity Doubles Jesse Breaux & Brett Winter

Table Tennis Tournament

Fraternity James Norman
Men's Hulgang Liang


Fraternity Gold Bobby Allen
Fraternity Purple Matt Petrovick
Men's Gold Landon Williams
Men's Purple Daniel Nuccio
Men's Doubles Jimmy Freudenberg & Price Enroughty
Co-Rec Doubles Daniel Nuccio & Brunna Coelho

Softball Hitting

Men Chris Champion
Women Brittany Broome

4 on 4 Flag Football

Fraternity Gold Kappa Sigma Gold
Fraternity Purple SAE Purple
Men's Gold Aight Den
Men's Purple Adrenaline Rush
Women's Matt Damon's Girlfriends
Co-Rec Matt Damon Co-Rec


Men's Doubles Sean Kayes & Sean Barcellona
Fraternity Singles
Fraternity Doubles Andrew Hirsch & Donnie Besecker

Disc Golf

Fraternity Singles Patrick Gatewood
Men's Singles Brandon Patel
Men's Doubles Zack Abbott / Scott Walsh

Indoor Soccer

Fraternity Gold Kappa Alpha
Fraternity Purple SAE Purple
Men's Matt Damon
Women's Too Hazy
Sorority Kappa Delta
Co-Rec E.C.United


Fraternity Gold Kappa Alpha
Fraternity Purple Phi Tau Purple
Men's Gold Aight Den
Men's Purple Wake County
Women's Epsilon Sigma Alpha
Sorority Zeta Tau Alpha
Co-Rec Gold Prestige Worldwide
Co-Rec Purple GB at the Holiday Inn


Men's Matt Damon
Women's Dream Team

The Men's Soccer Team


Fall 2010

Tennis League

Men's Doubles Tevin Wilson & Chris Phillips
Men's Gold Josh Mosakowski
Men's Purple Tevin Wilson
Fraternity Gold Ross Wilson
Fraternity Purple Spencer Epps
Sorority Jessica Patterson

Co-Rec Softball League

Co-Rec 40 oz. to Louie D-O Double G

Wiffleball League

Women's Matt Damon's Girlfriends
Men's GB at the Holiday Inn
Fraternity Chi Phi
Co-Rec Matt Damon Co-Rec

Volleyball League

Women's In Your Face
Sorority Alpha Delta Pi
Fraternity Gold Sig Ep Gold
Fraternity Purple Delta Chi
Co-Rec Gold STAFF
Co-Rec Purple MicroNinjas

Flag Football League

Women's Matt Damon's Girlfriends
Sorority Alpha Xi Delta
Men's Gold ECU Club Baseball
Men's Purple Victorious Secret
Fraternity Gold Chi Phi Gold
Fraternity Purple Pike Purple
Co-Rec RidonKulous

Basketball Shooting Challenge

Men's Around the World Taylor Violette / Sean Slack
Men's 3-point Shootout RaSean Edwards
Men's Hotshots Nathan Farmer
Men's Free Throw Challenge Matt Claiborne
Men's Overall Nathan Farmer
Women's Around the World Christie Church
Women's 3-point Shootout Abbey Way
Women's Hotshots Jatasia Williams
Women's Free Throw Challenge Abbey Way / Christie Church
Women's Overall Abbey Way

Soccer League

Men's Gold Snicklefritz F.C.
Men's Purple Poccer Slayers
Co-Rec Gold Cremasters
Co-Rec Purple FCA
Women's Tough To Say
Sorority Kappa Delta
Fraternity Gold SAE Gold
Fraternity Purple PIKE Purple


Men's Redemption
Co-Rec FCA
Fraternity Theta Chi

3 on 3 Basketball League

Men's Gold I-Hoop
Men's Purple Purple Haze
Fraternity Gold Chi Phi
Fraternity Purple PIKE Purple
Women's Kryptonite
Wheelchair Matt Damon on Wheels

Team Handball

Men's Snicklefritz Handballers
Co-Rec Matt Damon Co-Rec