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IM Registration

Individual/Dual Sport Registration

Individual/Dual sport registration occurs before the event through the IMLeagues registration module. The registration dates are available by clicking here. Specific registration instructions for the upcoming semester will be available in late July.

Team Sport Registration

Step 1: Captains' Meeting

Option 1: In order to register for all team sports, a team captain or a team representative MAY attend a team registration meeting in order to receive all of the information needed to register a team. There are four team registration meetings per academic year and each meeting covers the Intramural policies and procedures, but only covers the specific sports that are immediately upcoming. Once a captain has attended a meeting, they will be able to use their registration information for the remainder of the semester. Meeting dates and times available by clicking here.

Option 2:Team captains/representatives who choose not to attend the registration meeting may pre-register by submitting the form below. Directions will then be sent to you on how to complete the registration process (also available by clicking here).  If you are a player who is not looking to become a captain, wants to play and has no team to play on, please click here for the free agent information.

CAPTAINS' REGISTRATION FORM- Only to be submitted for Captains' unable to attend Captains' Meeting.

*Do not fill out this form unless you plan to be a captain of a team.
**If you are a free agent, please refer to "Option 2" above.

Replace the "B" with an "8"

ECU EMAIL ONLY!!! Other emails will not receive a reply

Select multiple sports by holding down "Ctrl"

Directions will be provided after the completion of the online form via e-mail. This option will allow the captain to receive their registration instructions by noon the day after the team registration meeting. Please contact the Intramural Sports office (imsports@ecu.edu) if you have any questions about this process.

Step 2: Online Registration Process

All registration for team sports is conducted via the "IMLeagues" module.  Registration for each sport begins immediately after the team registration meeting for that specific sport. Individuals who attend an entire team registration meeting will receive instructions on how to access the IMLeagues registration module. 

Step 3: Leagues and Schedules

Once the registration deadline is past, the Intramural Office Staff will create and post the schedules within 48 hours. The leagues and schedules can be accessed by clicking here.