Free Agent List

An intramural free agent is an ECU student, faculty or staff who wishes to participate in an intramural sponsored team activity and is not currently a member of a team. See Calendar of Activities for possible activities. Teams may add players to their roster throughout the regular season, provided that those players have not played for another team in the same sport and division (co-ed, men's, women's) through the end of the regular season.

There are multiple ways a "free agent" can add to a team:
  1. Free Agents may request to add to a current team who is in need of players. Click here for instructions.
  2. Free Agents may also add themselves to the sports free agent list by clicking here.
  3. Intramural Sports will try to combine individuals on the online free agent list to form a "free agent" team. 
  4. Information may also be emailed to all free agents before the sport season begins. Free Agents should contact Mark Parker if they have not been added to a team once the season has started.