What should I wear to the course?
You should wear active clothing that is appropriate to the season and must have good sneakers or boots for footwear. (NO sandals.) Also, hats and/or sunglasses can help make your day more comfortable. During fall or spring, you may wish to bring a jacket and or light gloves to keep warm. Remember, you will be outside for the duration of your program. Prepare accordingly.
What else should I bring?
Please bring a water bottle (reusable) in order to stay hydrated. We provide ice water to all participants. ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness supports efforts to minimize waste and use resources wisely. We have paper cups, however, if participants bring their own bottle it helps create less waste, as they do not have to use multiple paper cups throughout the day
What happens if it rains?
Programs will go on as long as there is no threat from lightning or high winds or heavy rains. If there is a light or intermittent rain, your program will most likely continue (come prepared that day with a jacket) as long as it is safe and comfortable to be outside.
How do I get to the course?
The ropes course is located in the back of the Blount Sports Complex at the Field House behind the Belk Building on the corner of Greenville Blvd. and Charles Street (across from the Plaza Mall). Turn onto Curry Drive and follow to the back of the parking lots. Parking is located along Curry Drive across from the Blount Sports Field House. No one is allowed to drive to the low element or Alpine tower section of the course area. Parking stickers or passes are required for parking. All groups will meet at the Field House located in front of the sports fields.
What if I have to cancel my program?
If you need to cancel your program, you must give a one week notice to ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness. You should contact the Leadership and Team Training Specialist (252-328-2944) directly if you need to cancel/re-schedule. If you cancel less than one week from the date of your program, you may have to forfeit your deposit or be asked to provide payment in advance for the next program you schedule with us (this decision is at the discretion of ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness). If a group is more than thirty minutes late, they may be considered a “no show” and the program canceled. In this circumstance, the group may be charged for the program (by having to forfeit deposit) or asked to provide payment in advance to ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness for their subsequent Challenge Course programs.
What time should I be there?
Please tell all your group members to be at the course (field house) at the specific time you have requested for your program. All participants being on time helps start the day right and gives your group more time to meet their goals and have a great time!