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Your Group, Better.

The challenge course is designed for groups to come together in a positive environment to allow for personal and group growth. Although your day may vary depending on time and group goals, most courses consist of three sections. Field games and initiatives build the base for the day. This is followed by the more intense low course, which uses physical elements to pose group and individual problems. 

The last part of the day may focus on the Alpine Tower, a 50 foot tall climbing structure that provides several exciting individual and group challenges. You can ascend the tower (you can utilize hanging elements, cargo nets, ropes, and platforms) to help you feel a sense of adventure and accomplishment.

No matter what your day may bring, setting goals is the key to taking something back to work, home or for yourself. We will talk and ask each individual to participate in evaluating each element. Remember, we are facilitators of the process. You hold the key for making the day one to remember.