ECU Challenge Course Policies

  1. Interested groups should allow at least 3 weeks in advance of the desired date in order to schedule a program. Requests provided within less than three weeks of the desired date will receive a lower priority for scheduling and Campus Recreation & Wellness cannot guarantee that these groups will be accommodated. Our ability to meet requests given with less than the desired advance notice will often be contingent upon course and staff availability and complexity of the requested program.
  2. Groups are expected to meet a standard for a minimum number of participants or be prepared to pay a minimum fee in order to be eligible for booking. A table providing the minimum fee/participants is available on the web site for your review. Small groups may be accommodated if they meet the minimum participant/fee requirement. This decision is at the discretion of ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness.
  3. Groups must contact Campus Recreation and Wellness at least 1 week prior to their scheduled event if they must cancel. Failure to do so will lead to forfeit of deposit or prior payment in advance for the next program scheduled.
  4. All participants must have a waiver/medical form completed and signed before participating in any course activities. Any participant under the age of 18 must have their wavier/medical form signed by a parent/guardian in advance and have available to submit before participation in the course activities. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to participate without this documented parental consent.
  5. In the event of inclement weather, Campus Recreation & Wellness will make the decision as to whether the program will be held or rescheduled/canceled. Generally, programs will be held as scheduled unless safety is a concern or the group experience is significantly affected. Course staff will determine if it is safe to start and continue a program.
  6. Programs that are canceled by ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness prior to start time due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances will be rescheduled if possible and groups will NOT be responsible to forfeit deposit or payment. However, courses that are ended early because of weather or unforeseen circumstances, but after at least half the program has completed, will be classified as complete and payment will be expected as usual.
  7. Scheduling of programs will be based on course and staff availability, and no specific dates are guaranteed to groups unless already confirmed, though we always attempt to meet groups’ first requests. Groups should have first, second, and third requests for dates when they attempt to finalize scheduling with ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness.
  8. Participants are only allowed to use ECU Campus Recreation and Wellness climbing equipment- no personal climbing equipment (other than shoes) may be used on the course.
  9. Participants must have appropriate clothing and footwear- athletic loose fitting clothing appropriate to the outdoors and the season and closed toed shoes. Any individuals without appropriate footwear and attire will not be allowed to participate.
  10. Potentially unsafe jewelry, objects in pockets, watches and other accessories preferably should be removed before participation and can be kept locked in the field house for participants. ECU Campus Recreation & Wellness is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or stolen personal items.
  11. Food and drink should be consumed away from the course elements and Alpine Tower and Giant Swing structures.
  12. Climbing on any course equipment is permitted only when supervised and directed by course staff.
  13. Participants are expected to treat staff and other participants in a respectful manner and use appropriate language. Participants must also properly use course structures and equipment and follow guidelines as set by course staff.
  14. Safety is of utmost concern and any safety issues should be reported to course staff immediately. If a participant is unwilling to comply with guidelines they may be asked to end their participation and leave the premises.
  15. Participants are encouraged to hydrate properly before, during, and after the program in order to increase their level of safety and a comfort.
  16. Use of Alcohol and Tobacco Products is prohibited at the challenge course site (including the Alpine Tower, low elements, fieldhouse, and intramural fields).