NRC Boat House & Beach - Youth and Family

Time Frame

Groups may use the NRC Boat House and/or beach if they make contact approximately 2+  weeks prior to the desired date.  This allows for timely arrangement regarding discussion of the day, distribution of waivers/contract as well as return of payment, contract and waivers. A planning meeting between the organizer and CRW staff may be required.

Returning payment and paperwork prior to the day ensures a smooth day so that everyone may enjoy time swimming without waiting on missing waivers.


The Boat House and beach is available seasonally from roughly middle of March through middle of October. The times and dates listed here.


Beach/Boat House Package
Includes: Patio, Beach, Sand Volleyball, Horseshoes, corn-hole and boats during normal operating hours.

If outside normal operating hours or if additional staff is needed, additional staffing cost is added on a per hour basis.

For additional information regarding longer times, details of policy, please click here.

 2 hours (minimum)
Students/Student Orgs.
University Affiliate
Sponsored Programs
Non-Affiliate Not for Profit
 Non-Affiliate for Profit$50

Playing in the sand
CRW Staff member getting boats ready