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Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal common Questions and Answers:
Q:  Are students and parents allowed to sit in during the meeting while their case is being reviewed?

A:  The Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal Committee bases their decision upon the documentation and application submitted by the student prior to the meeting.  Therefore, the student does not attend the meeting. 
Q:  I am seeking a withdrawal based on a medical reason(s). What kind of medical documentation is the Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal Committing looking for?

A: You can obtain documentation from your healthcare provider by giving them this letter .

Q: Can I pursue individual course withdrawals verses a full-term withdrawal?

A: Yes. Please note though, you will need to provide clarification and supporting documentation as to why you are only pursing a course withdrawal verses a full-term withdrawal.

Q: When does the Dean of Students Office need the application and supporting documentation?

A: An Extenuating Circumstances application must be completed by the student and submitted with the proper documentation to the Dean of Students Office by the deadlines  provided each year. Please see table here – (linked deadline table here) 

Q:  I have submitted an Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal application, do I need to still attend classes?

A:  Students are encouraged to still attend their classes to the best of their ability, if they are capable.  In the event a student's request is denied, their current grade will remain in place.  Students need to discuss with their medical provider(s) if they are well enough to continue attending until their case is reviewed by the Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal Committee.

Q.  I am in a specialized major, such as nursing.  If I am granted an Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal, will I be guaranteed a spot in my program when I return?

A:  An Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal from the Dean of Students Office does not guarantee your spot in a program.  It is up to each individual major/program to approve readmitted students who have been granted an Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal.  It is highly encouraged that you speak to your academic advisor and/or department regarding a withdrawal and any possible implications it may have.  If you are in graduate school, it is also encouraged that you inquire directly with the Graduate School on how a withdrawal may affect your standing.

Q: Why is an Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawal tag placed on my records?

A: The Dean of Students Office places a tag on a student’s records in order to prevent them from returning to school before sufficient documentation is provided indicating that they are well enough to return.

Q:  How do I have an Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawal tag lifted off my records?

A:  You will need to follow the petition to return guidelines listed in the “Returning after Withdrawal” portion of this webpage.
Once the Dean of Students Office is in receipt of this paperwork, it will be presented to the Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal Committee for review.  If you are approved to return, the tag will be lifted and you will be able to register for classes and/or apply for readmission through the Undergraduate Admissions  or Graduate Admissions Office.

Q: If I am approved for an Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal, how will it reflect on my school records?

A:  A “W” will show on your transcript, which is no different than if you had completed a term withdrawal.

Q: I was sick last semester and my academics suffered because of it.  Can I apply for a retroactive Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal though the Dean of Students Office?

A: No.  You will need to contact the Student Academic Appellate Committee also known as SAAC.  They are located in the Registrar’s Office.  Their office is located at 207 East Fifth Street and their telephone number is (252) 328-6077. Their application can be found here

Q: My Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal case was denied.  Can I appeal this decision?

A: Yes.  If you are an undergraduate student, you may appeal the Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal Committee's decision to the Student Academic Appellate Committee (SAAC) by contacting Ms. Marianne Cox within the Center for Academic Services Office at either CAS@ecu.edu or at (252) 328-6077.

Q: Will I receive any money back if I am approved for a withdrawal?

A: An approval does not guarantee any money back.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Cashiers Office  and/or Financial Aid Office  to discuss this further.

Q: I am unsure if I qualify for an extenuating circumstance withdrawal; my circumstance is not listed. Can I speak with someone?

A: Yes. Contact the Dean of Student’s Office at 252-328-9297 or email DOS@ecu.edu and someone will assist you.
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