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I love Expressions, and I always can't wait for the latest issue. I hate that there is only one issue a semester. I would like to see it monthly!!! Please consider this.
- Emily Ewing

The design is gorgeous. The Spring Issue (2013 No. 2) was thematically consistent and the pieces were great. In particular "Taken by Love" by Janay Brickey stood out as a fantastic piece of poetry.

There was a slight mistake where the centerfold was counted as two pages, which was inconsistent with the index. But overall I'm lovin' this magazine. Perhaps consider reaching out to the the creative writing classes like Fiction Writing and Poetry Writing in order to both build a broader base, advertise a bit, and attract more writers (who will undoubtedly want to show off their own work if it gets published).
- Stephen Henkel

Great job expressions magazine! "No Exit" is awesome.
- DF