Residence Hall Governments

In each Residence Hall there is a Hall Government that we support and sponsor. The duties of the students that are elected by their fellow residents are to represent the hall and make changes in the halls, put on programs, and raise money for philanthropies throughout the school year. Here you can find the 2011-2012 Hall Government Guide filled with the rules, regulations, and some suggestions on how each Hall Government should be ran.

College Hill Neighborhood

Aycock Hall

 Garrett Taylor

Vice President Diamond Pearson

Business Manager/Secretary Paris Gibson

RHA Representative Qui Hahn-Armstrong

RHA Representative Taylor Brown

Marketing Chair Tiffany Carter


College Hill Suites 

President Nicholas Henry

Vice President Victoria Powers

Business Manager Kiara Mosley

Marketing Manager Justice Kassoumis

RHA Representative Michael Joy

RHA Representative Emily Annunziata


Jones Hall

President Andria Brown

Vice President Sydney McDowell

Business Manager Bryant Wilkins Robinson

Marketing Representative Ashanta Smith

Marketing Representative Anna Shelton

RHA Representative Clarissa Ortiz

RHA Representative Amanda Taylor

Community Service Representative Kyle Chavis


Scott Hall

President Alexis James

Vice President Jada Cunningham

Business Manager Corrie Archer

RHA Representative Robledo Andies

Marketing Manager Samuel Sanchez

Social Media Jenee Blount


Tyler Hall

President Muhong Han

Secretary Mersaud Naderi

RHA Representative Tyler Trout

RHA Representative Lexus Sanders

Marketing/Activities Coordinator Queenae Kelly

West Neighborhood 

Clement Hall 

President Karly Gabrysiak

Vice President Maria Hartung

Treasurer Dalton Parker

Business Manager Lauren Fox

RHA Representative Myles Jones

RHA Representative Catie Davidson

Historian Leanna Ferguson

Athletics Chair Mike Mastrobattista

Fine Arts Josh Katsikis

Social Chair Krystal Gable

Social Chair Rida Nafees


Fletcher Hall

President Jarrett Walls

Vice President Kaely Churchill

RHA Representative Erika Metscher

RHA Representative Sam Hall

Business Manager Elizabeth Turner

Decorations and Shopping Coordinator Samantha White

Events Coordinator Alexander Freberg


Garrett Hall

President Onyinyechi Ihekaire

Vice President Toni Abernathy

Secretary Chresty Xiong

RHA Representative Adedayo Adeniyi

RHA Representative Rachel Eker


Greene Hall

President Julia Ganey

Vice President Danielle DeLawter

Secretary Kaysie Quicano

Treasurer Melisha Garrison

RHA Representative Tori Harris

RHA Representative Kaitlyn Powell


White Hall

President Malcolm Burke

Vice President Anna Newsome

Business Manager Katie Warren 

RHA Representative Amber Beall

RHA Representative Payton Miller 

Central Campus

Cotton / Fleming / Jarvis Hall

President Grayson Haff

Vice President Josh Jackson

Public Relations Kiera Huiel

Community Service Arianna Safon

RHA Representative Stephanie Morales

RHA Representative Jacob Bowlus

Business Chair Emily Schultz

International Chair Alex Kruse

Birthday Chair Casey Sumlin


Umstead Hall   

President Benito Avila

Vice President Nick Moffit

Business Manager Meagan Smith

Secretary Cameron Jacques

RHA Representative Ben Evans

RHA Representative Michael Keyes