sibling weekend 2018


RHA has organized a Siblings Weekend for April 6-8, 2018. This event will be open to all students that live on the campus of ECU. This event is designed to provide the students an opportunity to spend the weekend with their sibling and bond with their “Little Pirate.” The weekend will be jam-packed with activities until 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday evenings

The age range for the siblings allowed to participate is school age (9 to 14 years). If during this academic year (August 2017-May 2018) your child was 14, we will allow them to participate in Siblings Weekend. Also, if your child was 8 during this academic year, we will allow them to participate. The fee for the weekend will be $40. The preferred payment method is by a debit/credit card. You can pay with a debit/credit card by clicking here. The fee for the weekend will cover; a meal card for the sibling to use for the weekend, t-shirts, souvenirs, and more.

Registration has closed for the 2018 Academic Year.

Sibling Weekend