The SAB Initiatives Committee is responsible for the selection, planning, promotion, and presentation of an annual lecture series, aiming to bring diverse speakers to our campus that are capable of informing and empowering students, faculty, and staff.  Additionally, the committee is responsible for recognizing the diversity of East Carolina University by collaborating with various student organizations in an effort to unite and celebrate these different cultures through activities and events.

Passport Event: Roommate Roulette: On and Off Campus Style! 
Took a gamble on your roommate? Having problems in the dorm or your apartment? Find out how to deal with it at Roommate Roulette! Free food and great advice! 
Tuesday, October 6th at 7pm, located in MSC Room 244 

Passport Event: Spoken Word with Asia Project
Wednesday, October 7th at 7pm, located in MSC Room 244 

Election Debate 
Monday, October 19th at 7pm, located in MSC Hendrix Theatre 

Premier Passport Event: Shane Bitney Crone and Documentary Film "Bridgegroom" 
Wednesday, October 21st at 7pm, located in MSC Hendrix Theatre