About Us


The Office of Student Activities and Organizations at East Carolina University contributes to the holistic student experience through development and involvement.  We educate, engage, and entertain.


To provide a variety of programs and services that enhance the East Carolina student experience.


Student success – contributing to the retention and education of our students.

Respect – considering and accepting the various opinions, origins, viewpoints, etc. present in our environment.

Commitment – exhibiting dedication to executing our responsibilities to the best of our ability.

Character – exhibiting honesty, integrity, and all other traits assigned to a member of the East Carolina community.

Learning - acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, preferences, or understanding and encouraging our students to do the same.   

Safety – providing and ensuring a safe environment for our students to enjoy.

Traditions – providing a connection to East Carolina University by fostering school spirit, pride in our work, and devotion to the institution’s success.

Socialization – providing students with the opportunity to engage in interaction with their peers in order to better understand their attitudes, beliefs, values, norms, positions, etc.

Fun – ensuring that our students have a positive and enjoyable experience as they matriculate through the university.

Diversity – highlighting the similarities and differences inherent in our culture so that our students exit the university with a global perspective.

Support – providing emotional, physical, and educational support for each other and our students.