Organization Resources

In addition to assisting Registered Student Organizations planning their events and activities, Student Activities and Organizations staff are dedicated to presenting programs and services to benefit all registered organizations.  Some of the benefits of being a registered organization include:

Get A Clue

Held each semester, this event highlights student organizations and Division of Student Life services. Students can "shop" numerous tables of information and groups in which they can become involved.



Space Reservations

To learn about reserving space on campus, click here.



Registered student organizations are able to request money through Student Fees. For undergraduate organizations, money is allocated through the SGA Senate. For Graduate Organizations, money is allocated through the Graduate and Professional Student Senate. For Fine Arts organizations, money is allocated through the Fine Arts Funding Board. To learn more about using the money you’ve been allocated, click here.


Constitution Revisions

Does your organization's constitution need a face-lift? Is the information outdated or inaccurate? The Student Organization Center can help you spruce up this document for your organization. Stop by to pick up a sample constitution.


Use of Student Activities and Organizations Office


There are many resources available to organizations through our office:

  •  Organization mailboxes
  •   Filing and storage facilities
  •  Free Poster printing (up to 2 per semester)  
  •  Large conference area
  •  Free copies** each semester
    • Either 100 black/white copies & 100 color copies OR 200 black/white copies
  •  Individual and group work spaces
  •  Miscellaneous supplies (posters, display boards, colored paper, etc.) 


Fundraising Opportunities

Registered Organizations are allowed to conduct fundraisers through campus. When planning your fundraiser, be sure to plan early to make sure that your fundraiser can be approved and will be successful. For ideas for fundraisers, click here. To reserve outdoor space for your fundraiser, a form can be found on OrgSync.


Leadership Opportunities

Various opportunities are available to learn how to lead your organization, through summer leadership training, workshops throughout the year, and organization-specific workshops.


Organization Workshops

Leadership workshops and presentations are available upon request for student leaders and organizations who are interested in a program designed specifically for the needs of your group. Workshops cover a wide variety of topics for any time or place.


Have a need or an idea for a program? Let us know! E-mail Alyssa McDonald at and we will gladly work with you to meet your organization’s needs.


The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership offers free marketing opportunities to all registered university organizations. A team of graphic designers will take your idea and turn it into print-ready designs that can be used to create buttons, banners, posters, postcards, handbills, t-shirts, The East Carolinian ads, or whatever you may request. They can also create designs to be displayed on the 52 LCD screens across campus and movie preview screens to be shown before every movie in Hendrix Theatre. 

A team of photographers are available for use for free to photograph your organization or events. All photos will be made available to the organization and may be used in various marketing material for Student Activities and Organizations. 

Request forms are located on OrgSync. The links to the request forms are:

Marketing Design Services Request Form

Photography Services Request Form

For more information regarding marketing for your organization, email

Student Involvement and Leadership Marketing Team


Marketing Headshots_website-1

Dylan Bush, Graphic Designer



Nick Rowlett, Graphic Designer


Marketing Headshots_website-2

Abby Rarig, Graphic Designer


Marketing Headshots_website-5

Anna Selby, Graphic Designer



Ellery Tiller, Graphic Designer 


Marketing Headshots_website-4

Lindsay Cortright, Photographer



Kathryn Jessick, Photographer