Why Be Involved?

·   Meet new people - Meet people who have the same interests and values as you!

·   Do better in classes - Students who are involved are better able to manage their time and often make better grades!

·   Boost your resume -Gain invaluable leadership experiences!

·   Learn - Apply what you are learning in classes to your out of classroom experiences!

·   Teach - Teach the campus about yourself, about your culture, and about your interests!

·   HAVE MORE FUN!      


Consider this:

·   Consider your experiences - No one will make you be involved. It is up to you to have new experiences and meet new people.

·   Consider your options - Take the time to find out which opportunities are best for you. Your experience will be different than others.

·   Consider your interests - What have you always been active in? What have you never been active in, but always wanted to try? There are opportunities to explore almost anything!

·   Consider your classes - Find ways to be involved that still allow you time to do your class work.

·   Consider your time - It's easy to become over-involved. Find one or two things that you really want to do, and truly commit yourselves to those experiences.

·   Consider your resources - Talk to friends and advisors; use this website; visit our office. Be educated about what is available to you.

·   Consider your self - Be open to new experiences. Go beyond your comfort zone!