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Do you have a health related question?

We have the answer!

Are you curious about a health topic, have questions about Student Health Services, or would you like to submit a health question anonymously? E-mail us!

Your questions will be answered by a health professional within 24-72 hours.

Because e-mail is not assured as a confidential source of information, we request that students submit questions anonymously and use non-identifying e-mail accounts. Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), no information about medical history report forms or medical records can be released via e-mail. Anonymous e-mail accounts may be created at one of many free e-mail services on the web (Yahoo, Gmail, etc).

This service does not and should not take the place of a medical visit and exam by a health care provider. SHS cannot diagnose conditions via GotQuestions and will not discuss a patient's personal medical information in any responses.

This service should not be used for emergencies, urgent mental health issues, or acute problems that need prompt medical attention.

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