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Student Health Services will be closed Saturday-Monday, September 5-7, for the Labor Day Holiday.  We will reopen at 8am on Tuesday, September 8.

If you need care or advice when SHS is closed, click on the "After Hours Care" tab under "For Students" in the dropdown menu above. 

Have a great holiday weekend and GO PIRATES!!!
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The Student Health Services (SHS) Pharmacy Department provides prescriptions and over the counter medication services to ECU students and employees. Patients who receive prescriptions from SHS providers are not required to utilize our services, but convenience, generally lower costs, and quality service are benefits to our campus community.

Most of our medications are cheaper than a retail pharmacy if you do not have an insurance plan with a prescription co-pay. Due to low overhead and contract pricing, we can offer medications and over the counter products at a reduced rate. If you have insurance with a prescription co-pay, please ask about our price for your medication and compare it with your insurance co-pay price.

What we offer


Our pharmacy offers prescription services to Student Health Service patients as well as those who have prescriptions written by outside medical offices. Due to limitations of cost, budget, and space, we cannot offer every medication needed by patients. Please call (252) 328-6793 to check and see if we carry your medication.  
Over The Counter Medications

We offer a wide variety of over the counter items for purchase. Please call (252) 328-6793, or visit our pharmacy for products commonly used for cough and cold, pain therapy, fever reduction, health and beauty, etc.  

PLEASE NOTE:  In accordance with NC General Statues, patients will be required to present one of three forms of identification (state issued drivers license, state DMV identification card, or passport) to receive prescriptions for certain controlled substance medications and over the counter products. Patients who do not have one of the required forms of identification will not be allowed to receive certain medications.

Contraceptive Medications/Emergency Contraception

We offer a wide variety of prescriptive contraceptive options including birth control pills, contraceptive rings, and injections available with a prescription. We also offer Emergency Contraception (the "Morning After Pill"). Pricing varies from product to product, so please call (252) 328-6793 for an exact price.


The ECU Student Health pharmacists can administer selected immunizations by appointment. Need a hepatitis B vaccine, meningitis, Tdap, influenza, or pneumococcal immunization? Call us at (252) 328-6841 for more information or to schedule an appointment. All other immunizations are administered through our Rapid Care office.

Travel Clinic Services

Student Health offers services for ECU students traveling to foreign countries for brief or extended stays. These services include vaccination, medications to protect travelers against disease, education concerning protection of one’s health and safety, and literature emphasizing important recommendations for those traveling abroad. All provided foreign travel services from Student Health are specific to the traveler’s itinerary, area of travel, and current health.

Students planning trips abroad are advised to seek the advice of travel offices and clinics at least 1 month prior to leaving. ECU students should call the Student Health appointment desk at (252) 328-6841, option 1, and make an appointment for a foreign travel consultation. The appointment secretary will direct the student to online assessment forms which must be filled out prior to the scheduled appointment. For information regarding cost of vaccines or travel medications, students should call the ECU Student Health Pharmacy at (252) 328-6793.