Self Care

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Self Care Information

Many illnesses and injuries can be safely and effectively managed at home.  Our self care guide below is not meant to replace a diagnosis from a health care provider; however, it may help you identify possible causes of your symptoms and how to best treat them at home.  

If you have questions about managing your symptoms at home, please call us at (252) 328-6841 and ask to leave a message for a nurse; if Student Health is not open, you can still talk with a registered nurse via our free, 24 hour nurse line by calling the same number.

If you feel you need to be evaluated by a health care provider, please see How to Access Care for more information.

Available Self Care Guides

*please note: if the self care guide recommends "Immediate Care", come to SHS or call (252) 328-6841.  If SHS is not open, seek care at a local urgent care, at Vidant Medical Center, or call 911 if you feel you are having an emergency.  If it recommends "See a Provider", please make an appointment at SHS at your earliest convenience.

Abdominal Pain
AsthmaColds and Flu
 Skin Injuries
SunburnSore Throat
Sprains, Strains & Sports Injuries
Urinary Tract Infections
Vaginal Infections
Vomiting/NauseaOver the Counter Medications Guide