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ECU Transit: News & Updates

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News & Updates

November 5, 2015: SafeRide Weekend Hours Extended

On Saturday, November 7, SafeRide will begin operating extended weekend hours to help provide better access to campus resources. Vans will now begin operating earlier at 12:00 noon on Saturday and Sunday only to provide on-demand service within the normal service area; weekday hours remain unchanged. See the SafeRide web site for more details on this service, or request a pick up by calling 252-328-7433 to speak with a dispatcher during normal operating hours.

October 19, 2015: Thursday Night Football

On Thursday, October 22, ECU will host Temple University in the season's first weeknight football game. In response to potential safety concerns and anticipated delays due to game day traffic, ECU Transit will operate some services on modified schedules to avoid areas near Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. The following changes to service will be in effect:

  • Route 301 Gold will end early with its last trip departing Mendenhall / West End at 3:40pm.
  • Route 303 Blue will not operate.
  • Route 610 Minges Park & Ride will end early with its last trip departing Joyner Library at 3:48pm.
  • All 800-series Night Combination routes will operate according to their normal schedules.
  • Route 850 Pirate Ride will be reduced to serve only Mendenhall / West End, Christenbury Gym, and Joyner Library until streets and parking lots closed to traffic reopen.
  • All 900-series Pirate Express shuttles to the downtown area will operate normally. However, delays are expected.
  • SafeRide will operate according to its normal schedule. It will initially be unable to provide service to College Hill, Minges Park & Ride lots, or Curry Court until streets and parking lots closed to traffic reopen.

Even with these changes in place, delays are possible due to the volume of traffic on the roads before and after the game. For questions regarding services operating these during this time, please call us at 252-328-4724.

September 16, 2015: Temporary College Hill Drive Closure

On Thursday, September 17, College Hill Drive will close temporarily from approximately 9:00am until 11:00pm for the College Hill Block Party and King and Queen of the Halls events. Routes affected by this closure include:

  • 301 Gold
  • 301X Carol Belk Express
  • 303 Blue
  • 850 Pirate Ride

During this closure, routes serving the area will be detoured to make their College Hill stops at an alternate location. The 14th Street crosswalk outside of Gateway East & West will serve as the College Hill bus stop until College Hill Drive reopens.

September 12, 2015: Express Service for Carol Belk Building

On Monday, September 14, ECU Transit will begin operating express service from 10th & Brewster directly to the Carol Belk Building at Curry Court. This service, designated 301X Carol Belk Express, is being implemented as part of our dedication to continual improvement and will work to better accommodate students whose schedules require them to move from main campus to the Carol Belk Building within the short break between back to back classes. We anticipate this service will help ease time constraints for many students without significant negative impact to others.

Express service from 10th & Brewster directly to the Carol Belk Building will operate as several scheduled trips on a modified 301 Gold route beginning at Mendenhall / West End. For these trips, one 301 Gold shuttle will change to display 301X Carol Belk Express at the beginning of the trip and will operate normally until reaching 10th & Brewster. Express departures from 10th & Brewster will occur at the following times:

Monday / Wednesday / FridayTuesday / Thursday

Once 301X departs 10th & Brewster at these times, it will skip other stops and proceed directly to Curry Court and the Carol Belk Building; riders trying to return to the Mendenhall / West End hub or Stratford Arms should not board 301X. While express trips are operating, 301 Gold will continue to serve all stops along the route normally with the remaining shuttle.

We believe this new service option will benefit students attending classes in the Carol Belk Building by providing better access on a schedule tailored to meet their needs and support their academic success. We plan to continue operating 301X Carol Belk Express trips through the spring semester and will closely monitor its effectiveness for our riders. Because we wanted to begin operating this service right away, NextBus predictions may not be immediately available until the new schedule has been processed.

Your feedback on this and all of our services is important to us! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please call our office at 252-328-4724 or e-mail

August 10, 2015: Fall 2015 Move-In, Route Info

Fall route schedules have been published for all daytime and night combination routes; 900-series Pirate Express shuttle schedules will be published soon before classes begin. Pre-semester service for the move-in period begins on Wednesday, August 19; please click here for additional information regarding move-in service.