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Service Opportunities

Man and DogThe CLCE invites all members of the ECU community to learn through service in Greenville, Pitt County, and beyond.

We offer a variety of opportunities for students, staff, and faculty. We offer opportunities with a range of commitment levels and types of service programs, from weekly semester-long opportunities to one-time service events and immersion programs.

The CLCE is committed to building strong community partnerships with local organizations that work with people who are most in need in our community. This collaboration ensures a productive, transformative experience not only for clients and beneficiaries of the agencies, but also for those who serve.

At the start of each fall semester, the Get a Clue Service Opportunities Fair brings together students interested in volunteerism, service-learning, advocacy, and local community events. Attending the fair is a great “first step” toward your future in service!

The online service guide through OrgSync lists a variety of opportunities - both ongoing and one-time activities - with various community partners.

Registration and verification of hours can be completed entirely online through OrgSync. ECU students must register through OrgSync before beginning their service. This registration process covers students with the Center's supplemental liability insurance while doing service.  To learn more about this liability coverage, click here and read the Excess Volunteer Liability Coverage section (Part II in the document).

How to Get Started with OrgSync

  1. Visit to create an account or log in. 
  2. Select East Carolina University as your OrgSync Community.
  3. Complete your profile.
  4. In the Search bar type Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement and join the CLCE portal to register with the CLCE.
  1. Browse organizations and join portals that interest you.

Finding Service Opportunities in OrgSync

  1. Log in to OrgSync at
  2. From the ECU Community home page click Service Opportunities
  3. Select a Service Opportunity that interests you.
  4. Click Sign Up Now to register for the Service Opportunity.
  • Note: Some organizations may require that you attend an orientation or have a background check before your begin your time of service. Please contact the designated organization point person with any questions about preparations for your service experience.

Recording your Service Involvement

1. Join the portal of the organization where you will be serving.
  • Note: If your organization does not have an OrgSync portal in the ECU Community you can record your hours in the CLCE portal

2. Option #1 - Existing Service Opportunities

  • Sign up for a Service Opportunity posted by that organization.
  • Your community partner will add your hours after your service is completed.
  • Follow up with your community partner with any questions about your service hours.

3. Option #2 - Self-Initiated Service Experiences

  • Contact the community partner to establish goals and expectations for your service experience.
  • Once approved by your community partner, complete your service experience.
  • Log in to OrgSync and open the community partner portal.
  • Click More - Involvement and complete the Involvement Entry form. Be sure to include the Reference Information so your service hours can be approved!
  • Follow up with your community partner with any questions about your service hours.

Approved Service Activities

Students may record: 

  1. Direct community service activities (i.e., tutoring, building homes, serving meals)
  2. Indirect service activities (i.e., fundraisers, community organizing, Relay for Life)
  3. Community organizing (i.e., voter registration drives, community gardens)
  4. Service-learning courses (direct service and reflection hours only)
  5. Projects sponsored by student clubs/organizations that provide a service to the local community
  6. Service-related spring break trips/immersions
  7. Self-initiated volunteer work independent of ECU but conducted while a current student
  8. Meeting hours (only if the meeting was spent planning a community service activity)
  9. Participation and hours from some, but not all, service scholarship programs (i.e. AmeriCorps, EC Scholars) may be transferable
  10. International ECU community service initiatives, including those while participating in a University approved study abroad program
  11. Mandated community service hours (after consulting with CLCE staff)
  12. Preparation, transportation and reflection hours (up to 15 hours per semester)
  13. Service that directly impacts the University (i.e. Family Weekend volunteer, Pirate Tutoring Center volunteer)
Students may not record:

  1. Shadowing hours
  2. Non-profit internship hours
  3. Activities for which a student is paid wages or a stipend
  4. Observation or practicum hours that are part of a degree requirements and do not include direct community service
  5. Meeting or class hours, unless the time was spent planning or completing a community service activity
  6. Service completed during a semester in which the student was not enrolled at the University or in a University-sponsored program. (i.e. high school activities)
  7. Student club/organization activities, unless the activities provide a direct service to the local community (i.e., a canned food drive coordinated by a student organization)
  8. Persuasive political or religious activities