Resources - Post Graduate Service Opportunities

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Post-Graduate Service Opportunities

TRIPS Group with WindowWhy service after graduation?  You give and you get. Service offers you the chance to make a real difference in other people's lives and work for justice, as well as help to further your education and define your career goals.

Were you involved in serv ice at ECU?  Do you wish that you had been more involved?  Did your experience with service change you in a way that makes you want to explore service and social justice more?  Use our tools to discern if post graduate service is the best option for you!

Opportunities in full-time service can also allow graduates to live in a different region of the country, learn a new language, develop leadership skills, open the doors to graduate school, discern a path in life or build lasting friendships with people who share the common interests of service and justice.

Working in a full-time position allows graduates a chance to explore the possibility of a career in lifelong service. Continuing voluntary service can help graduates immerse themselves in their new communities and build upon their service experiences at ECU.

VSLC offers resources and support to students as they consider service options upon graduation. We welcome students interested to explore our resources on post college service or to simply talk with VSLC staff.

NOTE: Students interested in applying to full time service programs need to apply early—at least by early spring semester of the senior year.

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