Engineering Research
Dr. Sunghan Kim
Dr. Kim's research interests include biomedical signal/image processing and instrumentation.
More specifically, he is interested in EEG-based brain-computer interface, cardiovascular perfusion monitoring, diabetic neuropathy balance study, continuous blood pressure monitoring, and intracranial pressure estimation.
Dr. Kim's current projects include diabetic neuropathy balance study, laser speckle image based cardiovascular perfusion monitoring, EEE-based trait worry discrimination, and EEG-based brain function monitoring in diabetic/obese adolescent.
Brent Reed

Brent Reed is researching the domain of low temperature hydrogen fusion and unusual physics associated with the dissociation of water into gasses by high voltage dielectric breakdown with very little current flow.  The intended end of this research is the use of water, and simple water solutions as fuel sources.   

Dr. Teresa Ryan

Dr. Teresa Ryan specializes in Dynamics and Acoustics.  Optical measurement systems to study dynamics of complex structures for a wide variety of applications (percussion instruments, MEMS resonators, improvised explosive devices (IED)).  Synthetic aperture acoustic imaging.  Acoustic characterization of complex media. 

Researching the study of nearly periodic arrays of resonators for several applications: ultrasensitive mass detection; modification of system resonant responses when the array is used as an attachment (energy sink) on a primary resonant structure.  Other recent work includes acoustic detection of improvised explosive devices; acoustic characterization of soils and living grass.

Dr. Joe Wilck

Dr. Wilck specializes in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Analytics (Big Data), Supply Chain Engineering, Facility Logistics, Engineering Education

He is currently working on case studies and data development for Big Data and Analytics Ethics Education.  Specifically in the industries of social media, healthcare, banking, and manufacturing.

Dr. Jason Yao
Dr. Jason Yao is recognized for his research and development of remote hearing exam software.
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Dr. Zhen Zhu
Zhu Dr. Zhen Zhu's research areas include unmanned systems; sensor integration; computer vision, laser, GPS, radio and inertial navigation systems. He was a senior research engineer and a principal investigator with Northrop Grumman Corporation, where he lead several major research programs sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Prior to that he worked on research projects funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), NASA and the Air Force Office and Scientific Research (AFOSR) at Ohio University. He has developed various systems and algorithms for automatic navigation and guidance of manned and unmanned aircraft. He plans to bring his experiences in electrical and aerospace engineering into teaching and research at ECU. 

TECS Engineering Research

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