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Cancer Care



The caring professionals at ECU Physicians are ready to help with advanced treatments and a promise of hope after a cancer diagnosis.

Our cancer specialists practice together at the Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center, a regional resource for eastern North Carolina.

Cancer is complex and therapies can change rapidly. So we rely on the newest information and proven protocols to create a treatment program for you. Our compassionate staff also provides expert diagnosis, second opinions and treatment plans for patients of all ages. Because we believe in treating the whole person, we also provide nutrition counseling and holistic care. We provide pain control, family education and home care.

We provide medical and chemotherapy treatments, surgery and radiation therapies for the most intensive and individualized response possible. Our areas of focus include breast cancer, cancers of the throat, skin cancer, urinary tract cancers, blood cancers and blood diseases of all types. Our treatment teams bring together physicians, cancer nutritionist, cancer pharmacist, chaplain. We also offer hospice care planning.

Our Breast Wellness Center brings together all of our services for this highly treatable disease in one location. Our special treatments include the Acute Leukemia Program, Lung Cancer Program, breast, gynecological and other services for women with cancer, support services and Cancer Survivors Day.

In addition, we offer the most up-to-date forms of testing for the genes which cause breast and other cancers, as well as prevention programs using new drugs such as Tamoxifin. Our Clinical Trials Office allows patients and physicians to participate in new treatment programs.

The Hope Lodge, located near the medical center, is a welcoming home away from home for people undergoing intensive cancer treatment. Most of our cancer services are located at the Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center, a multidisciplinary practice site adjacent to the Brody Medical Sciences Building.

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