Lecture Capture

What is lecture capture?

Lecture capture enables you to record, develop and deliver instructional content. Your recorded class lectures, test-reviews, software navigation guides and course introduction videos can be captured and delivered through a streamed, real-time, synchronous viewing environment or recorded for asynchronous, anytime-anywhere viewing.

Your students and viewing audiences can watch your recorded content as often as necessary, which increases accessibility and gives them active control over learning.

ECU currently offers three lecture capture tools-Mediasite, Mediasite Desktop Recorder and Tegrity.

    Lecture Capture Policies & Guidelines

    Media Consent Release Guidelines

    In distance education and hybrid courses there is a proliferation of learning technologies available for delivering instruction. The use of these technologies create exciting opportunities for collaboration and increase access to instructional content. This document contains guidelines that need to be considered when recording students, guest lecturers, and others using the various learning technologies available.