Data Protection Tips

Data Security

  • Maintain a backup of your data and check it regularly. Departments can purchase CrashPlan backup software or employees can save important work files to their 40GB Piratedrive folder.
  • Create your own secure, private cloud using DatAnywhere to sync files between Piratedrive and your mobile devices.

Physical Security

  • Set your computer’s screen saver to lock when you leave your desk and require a passphrase to unlock.  Shut down your computer at the end of the work day.
  • Create a strong passphrase that is NEVER shared with anyone. Change your passphrase immediately if you think it has been compromised.

Software Security

  • Windows systems are required to have up-to-date antivirus definitions and current critical updates to connect to the ECU Buccaneer wireless network.
  • Browsers should be updated to the latest ECU-supported version: Internet Explorer 10 and current versions of Chrome, Google and Safari.