Attention ECU Faculty

SabaMeeting now allows you to set up classroom events yourself. This tutorial shows how to create a classroom event.

Would you like to set up your own classroom events?


Yes, please just add my course roster to SabaMeeting
No, I would prefer to have my Classroom Event(s) setup for me by SabaMeeting Administrators
Course and Contact Information
  • What would you like the Title of your event to be?
  • In what course will you be using SabaMeeting?
  • When will your event take place?
  • Date Picker
  • Ongoing?
  • Would you like this to be a recurring event? (Note: Separate meetings will be setup on the same day each week, at the same time for the rest of the semester)
  • Would you like to make this an open event (You can invite anyone to attend an open event even if they don't have a SabaMeeting account and password such as guest lecturers, field professionals, ECU colleagues, etc.)?
  • Enter the e-mail address of any additional ECU users that you would like to be set up as a Co-Presenter for the event.
  • Would you like to meet with a SabaMeeting Administrator for training prior to your event (Note: it may be a couple weeks before a SabaMeeting Administrator is available to meet with you)?
  • Would you like a SabaMeeting Administrator to attend your event?

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