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Austin Building
Bate Building
Belk Annex 1
Belk Building
Biotechnology Building
Blount House
Blount Recreational Sports Com
Bloxton House
Brewster Building
Brody Medical Sciences Building
Building 123
Building 127
Building 141
Building 158
Building 159
Building 165
Building 172
Building 189
Building 198
Building 215C
Builidng 071
Career Center
Chancellor's Residence
Christenbury Memorial Gym
Clark-LeClair Stadium
Clement Residence Hall
Coastal Studies Annex (Wrc)
College Hill Suites
Cotanche Building
Cotten Residence Hall
Doctors Park 6
Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium
Ecu Transit
Eller House
Erwin Building
Facilities Administration
Facilities Annex
Family Medicine Building
Family Therapy Clinic
Firetower Medical Office
Flanagan Building
Fleming Residence Hall
Fletcher Music Center
Fletcher Residence Hall
Garrett Residence Hall
Graham Building
Greene Residence Hall
Greenville Centre
Harris Building
Health Sciences Building
Howard House
Howell Science Complex
International House
Irons Building
Jarvis Residence Hall
Jenkins Fine Arts Center
Jones Residence Hall
Joyner East
Joyner Library
Lakeside Annex 1
Lakeside Annex 3
Lakeside Annex 4
Lakeside Annex 5
Lakeside Annex 6
Lakeside Annex 7
Lakeside Annex 8
Leo Jenkins Cancer Center
Mamie Jenkins Building
Maritime Conservation Lab
McGinnis Auditorium
Mendenhall Student Center
Messick Theatre Arts Center
Minges Coliseum
Moye Medical Center - 521
Murphy Center
Old Cafeteria Complex
Physicians Quadrangle C
Physicians Quadrangle M
Physicians Quadrangle N
Pirate Club Building
Ragsdale Hall
Rawl Building And Annex
Redditt House
Rivers Building
Ross Hall
Scales Field House
Science And Technology Buildin
Scott Residence Hall
Self-Help Building
Slay Hall
Speight Building
Spilman Building
Student Health Center
Student Recreation Center
Taylor-Slaughter Alumni Center
Tedi Bear CAC
Todd Dining Hall
Tyler Residence Hall
Umstead Residence Hall
Uptown 207
Ward Guest House
Ward Sports Medicine Building
Warren Life Sciences Building
West Academic Building (Wrc)
West End Dining Hall
Whichard Building And Annex
White Residence Hall
Willis Building
Wright Building
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Austin Building 00132
Austin Building 201
Austin Building 202
Austin Building 203
Austin Building 204
Austin Building 205
Austin Building 206
Austin Building 220
Austin Building 302
Austin Building 303
Austin Building 304
Austin Building 306
Austin Building 307
Austin Building 320
Austin Building 321
Bate Building 1001
Bate Building 1003
Bate Building 1005
Bate Building 1007
Bate Building 1009
Bate Building 1010
Bate Building 1011
Bate Building 1012
Bate Building 1013
Bate Building 1014
Bate Building 1015
Bate Building 1016
Bate Building 1017
Bate Building 1018
Bate Building 1019
Bate Building 1020
Bate Building 1021
Bate Building 1022
Bate Building 1023
Bate Building 1024
Bate Building 1025
Bate Building 1026
Bate Building 1027
Bate Building 1028
Bate Building 1029
Bate Building 1030
Bate Building 1031
Bate Building 1032
Bate Building 2003
Bate Building 2004
Bate Building 2005
Bate Building 2006
Bate Building 2007
Bate Building 2011
Bate Building 2012
Bate Building 2013
Bate Building 2014
Bate Building 2015
Bate Building 2016
Bate Building 2017
Bate Building 2018
Bate Building 2020
Bate Building 2021
Bate Building 2023
Bate Building 3006
Bate Building 3007
Bate Building 3008
Bate Building 3009
Bate Building 3010
Bate Building 3012
Bate Building 3014
Belk Annex 1 118
Belk Annex 1 120
Belk Building 1201
Belk Building 1202
Belk Building 1415
Belk Building 1501
Belk Building 1502
Belk Building 1503
Belk Building 2101
Belk Building 2102
Belk Building 2210
Belk Building 3102
Belk Building 3103
Belk Building 3210
Belk Building 3501
Belk Building 3503
Belk Building 3504
Belk Building 3506
Bloxton House D311
Brewster Building B102
Brewster Building B104
Brewster Building B201
Brewster Building B202
Brewster Building B203
Brewster Building B204
Brewster Building B205
Brewster Building B301
Brewster Building B303
Brewster Building B304
Brewster Building B305
Brewster Building B306
Brewster Building C101
Brewster Building C102
Brewster Building C103
Brewster Building C104
Brewster Building C105
Brewster Building C206
Brewster Building C301
Brewster Building C302
Brewster Building C303
Brewster Building C304
Brewster Building C306
Brewster Building D101
Brewster Building D104
Brewster Building D105
Brewster Building D109
Brewster Building D110
Brewster Building D111
Brewster Building D112
Brewster Building D113
Brewster Building D202
Brewster Building D203
Brewster Building D205
Brewster Building D207
Brewster Building D208
Brewster Building D209
Brewster Building D213
Brewster Building D301
Brewster Building D303
Brewster Building D304
Brewster Building D306
Brewster Building D307
Brewster Building D308
Brewster Building D309
Brewster Building D310
Brewster Building D311
Brewster Building D312
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2E+100
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2E+69
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2L07
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2L33
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2L35
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2L38
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2L39
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2N53
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2N55
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2N57
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2N76
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2N78
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2N86
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2S04
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2S11
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2S13
Brody Medical Sciences Building 2S14
Christenbury Memorial Gym 102
Christenbury Memorial Gym 104
Flanagan Building 1205
Flanagan Building 1211
Flanagan Building 1221
Flanagan Building 216
Flanagan Building 2210
Flanagan Building 241
Flanagan Building 247
Flanagan Building 262
Flanagan Building 265
Flanagan Building 284
Flanagan Building 312
Flanagan Building 316
Flanagan Building 3211
Flanagan Building 337
Flanagan Building 349
Flanagan Building 352
Flanagan Building 355
Flanagan Building 356
Flanagan Building 371
Flanagan Building 376
Flanagan Building 378A
Fletcher Music Center 269
Fletcher Music Center A200
Fletcher Music Center A215
Fletcher Music Center A216
Fletcher Music Center B105
Fletcher Music Center B110
Fletcher Music Center C107
Graham Building 106
Graham Building 107
Graham Building 206
Graham Building 207
Graham Building 211
Graham Building 301
Graham Building 308
Graham Building 309
Health Sciences Building 1100
Health Sciences Building 1102
Health Sciences Building 1104
Health Sciences Building 1120
Health Sciences Building 1150
Health Sciences Building 1160
Health Sciences Building 1305
Health Sciences Building 1330
Health Sciences Building 1335
Health Sciences Building 1340
Health Sciences Building 1345
Health Sciences Building 1355
Health Sciences Building 1410
Health Sciences Building 1445 C
Health Sciences Building 1445 D
Health Sciences Building 1445 E
Health Sciences Building 1506
Health Sciences Building 1517
Health Sciences Building 2100
Health Sciences Building 2102
Health Sciences Building 2106
Health Sciences Building 2160
Health Sciences Building 2165
Health Sciences Building 2185
Health Sciences Building 2305
Health Sciences Building 2310 G
Health Sciences Building 2330
Health Sciences Building 2335
Health Sciences Building 2340
Health Sciences Building 2345
Health Sciences Building 2350
Health Sciences Building 2360
Health Sciences Building 2365
Health Sciences Building 2410 G
Health Sciences Building 2425
Health Sciences Building 2502 G
Health Sciences Building 3100
Health Sciences Building 3102
Health Sciences Building 3104
Health Sciences Building 3149
Health Sciences Building 3177
Health Sciences Building 3206 J
Health Sciences Building 3325
Health Sciences Building 3345
Health Sciences Building 3348
Health Sciences Building 3350
Health Sciences Building 3360
Health Sciences Building 3370
Health Sciences Building 3400
Health Sciences Building 3405
Health Sciences Building 3415
Health Sciences Building 3435
Health Sciences Building 4175
Health Sciences Building 4185
Health Sciences Building 4205 M
Health Sciences Building 4300
Health Sciences Building 4300 B
Health Sciences Building 4335
Health Sciences Building 4345
Health Sciences Building 4355
Health Sciences Building 4405
Health Sciences Building 4410 D
Health Sciences Building 4410 E
Howell Science Complex B103
Howell Science Complex C-201C
Howell Science Complex E-205
Howell Science Complex E-213
Howell Science Complex E-301
Howell Science Complex E-304
Howell Science Complex N-102
Howell Science Complex N-106
Howell Science Complex N-107
Howell Science Complex N-109
Howell Science Complex S-413
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 1108
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 1220
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 1301
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 1302
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 1303
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 1325
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 1326
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 1327
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 1342
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 208
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 216
Joyner East 118
Joyner East 119
Joyner East 201
Joyner East 202
Joyner East 204
Joyner East 212
Joyner East 214
Joyner East 215
Joyner East 217
Joyner Library 1020
Messick Theatre Arts Center 110
Messick Theatre Arts Center 211
Messick Theatre Arts Center 215
Minges Coliseum 101
Minges Coliseum 142
Minges Coliseum 143
Minges Coliseum 144
Minges Coliseum 145
Minges Coliseum 82
Minges Coliseum A-18
Minges Coliseum a-62
Ragsdale Hall 114
Ragsdale Hall 130A
Ragsdale Hall 211
Rawl Building And Annex 101
Rawl Building And Annex 102
Rawl Building And Annex 103
Rawl Building And Annex 105
Rawl Building And Annex 130
Rawl Building And Annex 201
Rawl Building And Annex 202
Rawl Building And Annex 203
Rawl Building And Annex 204
Rawl Building And Annex 205
Rawl Building And Annex 206
Rawl Building And Annex 207
Rawl Building And Annex 208
Rawl Building And Annex 232
Rawl Building And Annex 233
Rawl Building And Annex 234
Rawl Building And Annex 303
Rawl Building And Annex 304
Rawl Building And Annex 306
Rawl Building And Annex 307
Rawl Building And Annex 309
Rawl Building And Annex 339
Rawl Building And Annex 342
Rivers Building 102
Rivers Building 105
Rivers Building 128
Rivers Building 139
Rivers Building 174
Rivers Building 210
Rivers Building 212
Rivers Building 226
Rivers Building 234
Rivers Building 254
Rivers Building 267
Rivers Building 269
Rivers Building 271
Rivers Building 273
Science And Technology Buildin 131
Science And Technology Buildin 140
Science And Technology Buildin 151
Science And Technology Buildin 230
Science And Technology Buildin 231
Science And Technology Buildin 232
Science And Technology Buildin 235
Science And Technology Buildin 242
Science And Technology Buildin 244
Science And Technology Buildin 246
Science And Technology Buildin 332
Science And Technology Buildin 333
Science And Technology Buildin 336
Science And Technology Buildin 339
Science And Technology Buildin 342
Science And Technology Buildin 346
Science And Technology Buildin 347
Science And Technology Buildin 351
Science And Technology Buildin 353
Science And Technology Buildin 431
Science And Technology Buildin 435
Science And Technology Buildin 438
Science And Technology Buildin 440
Science And Technology Buildin 441
Science And Technology Buildin 445
Science And Technology Buildin 447
Science And Technology Buildin 448
Science And Technology Buildin 449
Science And Technology Buildin 459
Science And Technology Buildin C207
Science And Technology Buildin C209
Science And Technology Buildin C307
Science And Technology Buildin C309
Speight Building 103
Speight Building 129
Speight Building 130
Speight Building 201
Speight Building 202
Speight Building 203
Speight Building 211
Speight Building 212
Speight Building 225
Speight Building 229
Speight Building 230
Speight Building 301
Speight Building 305
Speight Building 306
Speight Building 308
Speight Building 312
Speight Building 313
Ward Sports Medicine Building 236B
Ward Sports Medicine Building 236C
Ward Sports Medicine Building 237D
Ward Sports Medicine Building 377
Warren Life Sciences Building 202
Wright Building 308
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10: Ward Sports Med/Minges Gate 3
11: Minges Upper Lot
11: West of Pond
12: Minges Lower Lot
12: North of Steam Plant
13: West of Steam Plant (Wall-Phone)
14: East of Edward Warren Life Sciences
14: South Scales
14th St. Parking Lot-Across From Belk
15: Allied Health Front Entrance
16: Allied Health Bus Stop
16: Behind Laupus Health Sciences Library
17: Laupus Library Loading Dock
18: North of Laupus H.S.L.
19: Laupus H.S.L. Front Entrance
1: Croatan/North Brewster
1: West of BSOM Auditorium
21: Jones Hall North Side (steps)
21: South of Traffic Circle - LAHN Bldg
22: Willis Parking Lot 6
23: Willis Parking Lot 7
23:East of Traffic Circle - LAHN Bldg.
24: Willis Parking Lot 5
24:West of Bridge @ end of the Pond
25: Willis Parking Lot 4
26: Northwest of Traffic Circle - LAHN Bldg
26: Willis Parking Lot 3
27: North of Allied Health Bldg
27: Willis Parking Lot 2
28: Center Island LAHN Bldg Parking Lots
28: Willis
29: North of Nursing Bldg (Parking Lot)
29: South Joyner Parking Area
2: East Rivers
2:East of BSOM Auditorium
30: North of Nursing Bldg (Parking Lot)
31: Northwest of Nursing Bldg.
32: North of Nursing Bldg (Parking Lot)
33: Behind Auditorium - LAHN Bldg.
33: Fletcher Hall North
34: Remote Lot Off Mcgregor Downs Rd
35: Campus Mall
35: Remote Lot Off Mcgregor Downs Rd
36: Between Jenkins Art/Jarvis
36: Remote Lot Off Mcgregor Downs Rd
37: Back of ECHI
37: Christenbury Gym S.W. Corner
38: Graham-Wright
38: South of D Lot
39: On the Lawn From Bloxton Hse
39: Southeast corner of Front Entrance of ECHI
3: North of BSOM Visitor Lot
40: Mendenhalll ATM
41: Motor Pool Lot
42: Jarvis/Fleming Dorms
43: Student Health/Flanagan
44: Warehouse/ English Annex
45: RM 4544 Laupus Library (Wall-Phone)
45: Rawl Southeast Corner
46: RM 3536 Laupus Library (Wall-Phone)
47: RM 4511 Laupus Library (Wall-Phone)
48: East Jones Hall (Parking Lot)
48: RM 3500 Laupus Library (Wall-Phone)
49: Psychiatric Clinic - John Hopkins Dr.
4:West Research Park (VOA)
50: Moye Medical II
51: Northwest of Family Medicine Center
52: East of Family Medicine Center
53: Southeast of Family Medicine Center
54: South of Family Medicine Center
56: Center Right of Dental Lot
57: Far Right of Dental Lot
59: College Hill Suites West Side
60: College Hill Suites North Side
65: Old Cafe East Entrance
66: Old Cafe
67: Northeast Corner Fletcher Music
68: West Fletcher Music
69: South Fletcher Music
6: College Hill Bus Stop
6: North of BSoM A Parking Lot
70: Flanagan Courtyard
71: North Recreation Complex Field House
72: North Recreation Complex Parking Lot
73: North Recreation Complex Parking Lot
74: North Recreation Complex Parking Lot
75: North Recreation Complex Entrance Pond
76: Scott Dorm Back
77: Scott Dorm Front
78: Daily Reflector I&II Cotanche Entrance
79: Daily Reflector I&II Parking Lot
7:Middle of BSOM B Parking Lot
80: Softball Stadium
81: Croatan
82: Soccer
83: Track and Field
8: East of NE BSOM Auditorium Parking Lot
9: South of Pond
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Austin Building 00104
Austin Building 00110
Austin Building 00204
Austin Building 00208
Bate Building 02001A
Bate Building 02003
Bate Building 02005
Bate Building 02007
Bate Building 02009
Bate Building 02012
Bate Building 02013
Bate Building 02016
Bate Building 02017
Bate Building 02018
Bate Building 02022
Bate Building 02023
Bate Building 03001
Bate Building 03004
Bate Building 03005
Bate Building 03014
Belk Building 01415
Belk Building 02409
Belk Building 02502
Belk Building 02601
Belk Building 03102
Brewster Building 0A325
Brewster Building 0C201
Brewster Building 0C203
Brewster Building 0D201
Brewster Building 0D209
Brewster Building 0D212
Brewster Building 0D213
Brewster Building 0D302
Brewster Building D302A
Brody Medical Sciences Building 02L37
Christenbury Memorial Gym 00105
Christenbury Memorial Gym 00110
Eller House 00105
Flanagan Building 00214
Flanagan Building 00337
Flanagan Building 00378
Fletcher Music Center 00300
Fletcher Music Center 0B113
Graham Building 00207
Health Sciences Building 01307
Health Sciences Building 01310B
Health Sciences Building 01425
Health Sciences Building 02160
Health Sciences Building 02502
Health Sciences Building 02525
Health Sciences Building 03325
Health Sciences Building 03400
Health Sciences Building 03401
Health Sciences Building 04345
Health Sciences Building 04405
Howell Science Complex 0E108
Howell Science Complex 0E209
Howell Science Complex 0E210
Howell Science Complex 0E305
Howell Science Complex 0E307
Howell Science Complex 0N301
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 00216
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 01108
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 01301
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 01302
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 01303
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 01325A
Jenkins Fine Arts Center 01341
Joyner East 00105
Joyner East 00118
Joyner East 00119
Joyner East 00205
Joyner East 00215
Joyner East 00217
Messick Theatre Arts Center 00104
Minges Coliseum 00082
Minges Coliseum 00101
Minges Coliseum 00170A
Old Cafeteria Complex 02501
Rawl Building And Annex 00135
Rawl Building And Annex 00208
Rawl Building And Annex 00302
Rawl Building And Annex 00304
Rivers Building 00128
Rivers Building 00139
Rivers Building 00254
Rivers Building RW211
Scales Field House 00132
Science And Technology Buildin 00131
Science And Technology Buildin 00134
Science And Technology Buildin 00144
Science And Technology Buildin 00151
Science And Technology Buildin 00153
Science And Technology Buildin 00230
Science And Technology Buildin 00242
Science And Technology Buildin 00243
Science And Technology Buildin 00244
Science And Technology Buildin 00246
Science And Technology Buildin 00247
Science And Technology Buildin 00331
Science And Technology Buildin 00335
Science And Technology Buildin 00343
Science And Technology Buildin 00347
Science And Technology Buildin 00355
Science And Technology Buildin 00432
Science And Technology Buildin 00435
Science And Technology Buildin 00439
Speight Building 00241
Ward Sports Medicine Building 00244
Ward Sports Medicine Building 00332
Ward Sports Medicine Building 00374
White Residence Hall 00115
Wright Building 00301
chevron_right Kronos Time Clocks check_box_outline_blank
Allied Health Sciences - Lobby
Austin - 134B (Card Access Required)
Bate Building - 1st floor near Bate Express
Blount Field House - Door Entrance
Brewster A-Wing - 1st Floor
Brody - Copy Room 1S17, Bsmt 2 Outside GE99, Bsmt 1 Housekeeping Office
Brody Outpatient Center - Module B Rear Hallway
Building 43 - Housekeeping Office & Mail Services Office
Christenbury Gym - Housekeeping Closet
Clement Dorm - Housekeeping Office (Card Access Required)
College of Nursing - Main Lobby
Cotanche - Side Door Hallway (Card Access Required)
ECU Women's Physicians - Vending Room
Ed Warren Life Sciences - Main Entrance
Eppes 5 & 5-2 - Break Room
Family Medicine Center - Lower Level & 1st Floor - Elevatator 3
Firetower Medical - Behind Patient Check-In
Fleming Dorm - Outside Data Closet (Card Access Required)
Gateway East - NSO Offices (Card Access Required)
Greenville Centre - Outside Mechanical Room
HSC Steam Plant - 1st & 2nd Floor
Harris Building
Heart Center - Housekeeping Closet
Jones Dorm - Breakroom & Housing Key Shop
Joyner - Library Entrance
Laupus Library - Entrance to Office Suites
Legacy Hall - Housekeeping Office (Card Access Required)
Mendenhall - Information Desk & Basement
Minges Coliseum - Outside Data Closet
North Rec - Storage Garage, Beezeway, & Break Room
Scales Field House - Outside Room 128
School of Dental Medicine - Main Entrance Hallway
Soccer Field Ticket Booth
Steam Plant - HVAC Break Area & Utilities Area
Student Health - Back Employee Entrance
Student Rec Center - Hallway to Pool
Student Store - Rear Exit by Stock room (Card Access Required)
Tyler Dorm - Main Entrance Lobby (Card Access Required)
West End Dining - NSO Offices
Wright Auditorium - 3rd Floor Balcony & Outside of Offices
PDF Maps Available