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Roper research

Researchers aim for better vaccines, medicines

Scientists at ECU are taking a closer look at the intercellular war that goes on between viruses and the human immune system in an effort to design better drugs to target the germs. Rachel Roper, associate professor of microbiology and immunology at the Brody School of Medicine, is principal investigator on a National Institutes of Health grant totaling nearly $2.6 million to study the human-virus interaction.

lung device

Physicians use new device in lung proceedure

ECU physicians Drs. Mark R. Bowling and Carlos Anciano were the first in the world to use a new lung biopsy device that will help patients get earlier diagnoses and undergo fewer invasive procedures. The device creates easier access to tumors outside of the airway by allowing the physician to navigate a small pathway from the airway to the tumor.

robotic surgery internship

ECU students intern with robotic surgery team

Two Honors College students, Aenia Amin and Zachary Elliott, spent their summer working with ECU leaders in robotic heart surgery. Recipients of the 2015 East Carolina Heart Institute Robotic Surgery Internship, they were able to observe robotic heart valve replacements, lobectomies and neonatal heart procedures. The icompetitive program exposes undergraduates to laboratory research methods, surgical treatments and an integrated cardiovascular disease program.

Preserving the Mission

Learn about the BSOM threefold mission and the steps we're taking to both preserve this mission and build our future.

Today at BSOM

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The REACH Program

REACH (Redesigning Education to Accelerate Change in Healthcare) is transforming the BSOM curriculum.

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