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The East Carolina University Distinguished Military Service Society (DMSS) grew out of the desire to honor service to nation and service to the university.  The Society was carefully crafted to ensure that people who were not necessarily ECU graduates could be considered for membership, as well as people who did not necessarily serve on active duty.  While most inductees are ECU alumni and most did serve on active duty, the Society wanted to have the latitude to honor people who have done great things for this university and the nation’s security regardless of attending ECU or serving active duty.

As a philosophy, the DMSS upholds that strong national security guarantees all our citizens, without regard to age, race, gender, political persuasion, or individual differences, the safety to pursue the dreams of a bright future.  The commitment of our men and women in national defense has sometimes been heavily debated, but the one constant is that those who answered the call to duty honored the decisions of the Congress and President of the United States of America.

The DMSS honors those who have been a vital part of our national strength and success, and for a large part of its history ECU students, staff, faculty and supporters have played a strong role in advancing our nation through contributions to its defense and contributions to this fine institution of higher learning.