Office of Environmental Health & Safety
Office Preparations

Office Preparation for Hurricanes


  • Do plan ahead, plan what you will need to do at work and at home to prepare for the storm.
  • Do learn about hurricanes and what to do to survive one.
  • Do stay calm, listen to weather and emergency radios.
  • Do move and secure valuable items in your office away from windows.
  • Do lock windows and draw drapes/lower blinds.
  • Do back up computer hard drives and software then shut down computers.
  • Do store software and data disks in a dry place at shoulder level like the top drawer of a filing cabinet.
  • Do unplug electrical equipment such as computers, printers, clocks, radios, etc...
  • Do cover large valuables with plastic, paper etc.. for protection.
  • If your office is below ground, do store all valuables well above floor.
  • If caught in a building, do stay inside, away from windows and near the center of the building.
  • Do leave for your home or designated safety area well before the hurricane hits Greenville.


  • Don't panic!
  • Don't call 911 or other emergency numbers for general or non-emergency information.
  • Don't go outside during the storm.
  • Don't work with electrical equipment during the storm.
  • Don't make a party out of a hurricane.