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Evacuation of the Disabled

A flashing light in the rooms of hearing-impaired persons will notify them of a fire alarm or fire drill.

A person with vision problems will be alerted to a fire alarm or other such situation by hearing an audible alarm.

For fire drills and other emergencies that require evacuation from a building, persons with mobility impairments should go to the nearest approved stairwell or shelter area and wait for emergency personnel. These areas will receive emergency attention first.

In an extreme emergency situation, persons with mobility impairments may not be able to reach a stairwell because of fire, smoke, or building damage. In such a case, these persons should remain in their rooms or offices, contact ECU Police to notify them of their location, and hang a towel, blanket, or other device out an open window to attract attention. In all cases, the point of contact that emergency personnel have been directed to are the exit stairwells in each building.