Financial Aid

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Is Financial Aid Available

Detailed information on financial aid can be obtained from the office of Student Financial Aid. You may want to research possible grants and scholarships from outside sources.  You can reach the Financial Aid Office at 252-328-6610 or by visiting their website at

Each registered East Carolina University student will be mailed an ECU Higher One Debit Card at their local address. To receive your refund, you must activate your ECU Higher One Debit Card. During card activation, you will choose how to receive your refund money at You will have three options for receiving financial aid or other refunds which include direct deposit to your ECU One Account (1 day or less), deposited to another bank of your choice (2-3 business days) or mailed a paper check to the address you designate (5-7 business days). You will receive a notice that your financial aid has been disbursed.

In order for a student to pay for textbooks with financial aid or any type of scholarship, money must be deferred to a bookstore account. For more information, visit the following webpage, and select the Bookstore tab under the Spending Accounts section.

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