Coordination of Private Gift Fund-Raising Activities at East Carolina University

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TitleCoordination of Private Gift Fund-Raising Activities at East Carolina University
Sub-categoryFund Raising and Donor Relations

Approved December 14, 2009; Revised July 31, 2018


Vice Chancellor, University Advancement (328-9565)

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1. Introduction and Background

Generating philanthropic support from the private sector is a vital function of East Carolina University. Success in this effort is necessary to meet goals and seize opportunities as outlined in the university’s challenging strategic directions as well as its overall mission statement. The Division of University Advancement is charged with the responsibility of planning, implementing, and executing an effective program of private gift solicitation, while coordinating fund-raising activities for the entire university. Such coordination is a requisite ingredient for fund-raising success in order to:

• comply with IRS, legal, and audit requirements
• avoid duplication of engagement and solicitation
• comply with proper accounting regulations and procedures
• effectively utilize support services
• ensure that solicitation considerations are based on university and unit priorities
• maintain accurate and complete records, and ensure proper credit and recognition for donors
• appropriately thank and steward donors
• apply best practices in building relationships and soliciting gifts
• prepare solicitors so they are knowledgeable and well oriented
• provide the best possible opportunity for success in reaching the financial targets of university fund-raising campaigns

2. Definitions

2.1 Private Gift Fundraising - The solicitation from a private individual or entity (including any foundation or business entity) of contributions of anything of value in the name or on behalf of or to benefit East Carolina University.

2.2 University Community Member - Any individual acting in a private capacity (including, but not limited to private citizens, University Employees (permanent, temporary, full-time, or part-time), and students) or entity (including any business entity) that on a volunteer basis engages in Private Gift Fundraising or provides support for Private Gift Fundraising.

3. Applicability

This regulation applies to all University Community Members and to all University Employees engaged in Private Gift Fundraising as part of the course and scope of their employment with East Carolina University (hereinafter “University Employees”).

4. Coordination of Private Gift Fundraising by University Community Members and University Employees

Responsibility for coordinating Private Gift Fundraising at East Carolina University is delegated to the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement (VCUA). The VCUA is charged with establishing and implementing procedures for the coordination of Private Gift Fundraising by University Community Members and University Employees.

5. VCUA Approval Required for Private Gift Fundraising

The VCUA, or their designee, must approve in advance all Private Gift Fundraising by University Community Members and University Employees, including, but not limited to, any and all solicitations, projects, activities or events relating to Private Gift Fundraising. All proposals for Private Gift Fundraising will be submitted to the VCUA for review.

6. VCUA must approve all agreements that relate to Private Gift Fundraising

The VCUA, or their designee, must approve in writing all agreements relating to Private Gift Fundraising that bind East Carolina University, including, but not limited to donor agreements. Private Gift Fundraising Agreements that bind a University affiliated foundation will be approved in accordance with that Foundation’s by-laws and applicable policies. University Community Members and University Employees without an explicit written delegation of contract signature authority are not authorized to execute or enter into Private Fundraising Agreements that bind the University or an affiliated University Foundation. University Community Members and University Employees without authority who sign or agree verbally to such agreements may be held personally liable for those agreements.

7. Safeguarding of Contributions

All funds solicited pursuant to Private Gift Fundraising, whether by University Community Members or by University Employees, must be timely deposited into an account approved by the VCUA, or their designee. All other items of value must be timely transferred to the Division of University Advancement. Solicited funds may not be deposited, held, or invested in private accounts (such as an individual’s banking or checking account), nor may any other items of value be possessed by a University Community Members or University Employee beyond a reasonable period of time to effect the transfer of the item to an authorized agent of the Division of University Advancement. Custodians of contributions shall use best efforts to safeguard contributions in their possession.

8. Enforcement

Violations of this Regulation may result, in accordance with applicable University policy, in disciplinary action against ECU employees, up to and including discharge, and ECU students, up to and including expulsion, and, if a violation of a law, criminal prosecution. The VCUA may also take administrative action, including, but not limited to, prohibiting a University Employee or University Community Member from engaging in fundraising activities on behalf of the University.