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TitlePurchase of Books
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Updated Regulation combined from material removed from Faculty Manual and Business Manual; Placed in University Policy Manual after EXPEDITED REVIEW, transitioned without substantive change from prior version, March 25, 2013.


Director of ECU Dowdy Student Stores, (252) 328-6731. Store email:studentstores@ecu.edu

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Removed from Faculty Manual

Also relates to: Acquiring Publishers Complimentary Textbook Copies

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Student Store website

Will not be included in Materials Management PRRs, as this is an operational regulation/policy to be followed. Was referenced in Business Manual:http://www.ecu.edu/business_manual/mat132.htm

1. Purpose: The purpose of this regulation is to regulate the purchasing of books by faculty and university departments.

1.1. It is University requirement for faculty and departments to purchase textbooks and related books through Dowdy Student Stores. Dowdy Student Stores receives special dealer prices from most major publishing houses. (Note: This regulation does not apply to desk copies. See PRR #___ Acquiring a Publisher Complimentary Textbook.)

1.2. Should Dowdy Student Stores be unable to procure a specific textbook or book; or relinquish first right of refusal, faculty member or department must follow appropriate purchasing guidelines established through ECU Materials Management.

1.3. Books purchased with department funds are the property of the University and, thus, must be retained in departmental libraries;

1.4. Personal desk copies shall not be purchased with University funds.