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Drafting Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a PRR?

    PRR is a statement of policy and is the acronym used at East Carolina University that stands for a policy, regulation or rule. For the differences in policies, regulations, and rules, refer to REG 01.15.01.

  • What is a Standard Operating Practice/Procedure and how does it differ from a PRR?

    According to REG 01.15.01, section 4.2:

    "Standard Operating Practices" are established by academic or administrative units to facilitate the day-to-day business operations of a particular unit and are distinguished from policies, regulations, and rules because they do not directly or substantially affect procedural or substantive rights or duties. Except as is otherwise specified, Standard Operating Practices are not subject to this Regulation, must not conflict with policies, regulations, or rules, and should be clearly written and well communicated.

  • Who can submit a PRR?

    According to REG 01.15.01, section 3.1:

    Faculty Senate, the Graduate Council, Staff Senate, Student Government Association, any standing or ad hoc committee of East Carolina University or any administrative or academic officer, including Executive Officers, may recommend new PRRs or changes to existing PRRs. Any member of the University Community may forward recommendations for new or revised PRRs to any of the above entities/individuals.

  • How do I submit a PRR?

    To submit a PRR, fill out a PRR Proposal Form and put your PRR in the proper format by utilizing the PRR Template. Follow the PRR SharePoint Process Document and submit your PRR to the PRR SharePoint site.

    For questions about PRR submission, call the Policy and Communications Specialist at 252.328.1888.

  • What is a PRR Shepherd?

    A PRR Shepherd is the person who will see the PRR through the review process and is responsible for making sure the PRR is vetted through all of the the appropriate vetting groups. The PRR Shepherd is the contact person for the PRR while it is being reviewed, and will ensure that it moves along in the review process appropriately.

    The PRR Shepherd must be identified when the PRR draft is entered into the PRR SharePoint site so that the various reviewers know who to contact as they are reviewing the PRR.

    The PRR Shepherd is usually, but not always, the PRR content expert.