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Our Department of Public Health is committed to educating professionals and conducting research to improve the health of communities in our region and beyond. We practice a combination of science and social approaches to reduce disease and systematically address the multiple determinants of health. Our work is rooted in strong partnerships with the community, health and social services, industry and business, academia, and the media.

News & Announcements

News & Announcements
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American Public Health Association (APHA)

Faculty and students were well represented as presenters of their research at the American Public Health Association meeting in Atlanta on November 4th – 8th. Below is a list of the posters and oral presentations.


Imai, S., Wright, W., & Rafferty, A. P. Smoking, drinking and tooth loss: Examining the paradoxical effect of alcohol on teeth.

Eguchi, K., Sato, A., & Imai, S. A study of the relationship between job satisfaction, mental health, drinking, and smoking among Japanese nurses.

Tucker-McLaughlin, M., Winterbauer, N.L. (2017). My Safe Beach: Application and Implications for Geofencing Health Communication Technology in a Local Health Departments.

Winterbauer, N.L., Das, B., Tant, R., Mansfield, J., *Harrell, M., Guest, K. (2017). Listening closely: A county health partnership engages with community for health improvement.

Luo, Huabin, Yu, G., Wu, B., Trend of self-reported cognitive impairment across race/ethnicity groups in the United States: 1997-2015 National Health Interview Survey.

Jilcott Pitts SB, Jahns L, Wu Q, Grinchak T, Laska MN, Truesdale K, Bell RB. Feasibility, reliability, and validity of a noninvasive assessment of skin carotenoid status as a measure of dietary carotenoid consumption in a diverse community sample.

Kearney GD. Climate change and public health through the lens of eastern North Carolina.

Lea CS, Moore T, Passwater C, Dangott B, Liles D. Compliance with oral medications for hematologic malignancies within a rural hospital network.

Oral Presentations

Jilcott Pitts SB, Gray W, Wu Q, Lyonnais MJ. Preliminary impact of the Partnership to Improve Community Health farmers’ market initiatives in rural eastern North Carolina.

Kirk, B.O., Ross, K., Winterbauer, N.L., Mansfield, J. (2017). Provider and Medical Staff Perceptions and Referral Practices for Diabetes Self-Management Education in Pitt County, NC.

Lyonnais MJ, Jilcott Pitts SB, Wu Q, Gray G. Preliminary impact of the Partnership to Improve Community Health Farmer’s Market Initiatives in rural eastern North Carolina.

Haynes-Maslow L, Morgan EH, Piltch E, Byker-Shanks C, Seguin RA, Kolodinsky J, Andress L, Houghtaling B, Jilcott Pitts SB, Prewitt TE, Baquero B. Arguments used in public comments to support or oppose the USDAs minimum stocking requirements: A content analysis.

Haynes-Maslow L, Morgan EH, Byker-Shanks C, Lo B, Leone L, Seguin R, Sitaker M, Kolodinsky J, Andress L, Jilcott Pits SB, Baquero B, Bailey-Davis L. Rural corner store owners’ perceptions of USDA’s minimum stocking requirements for SNAP.

McGuirt J, Jilcott Pitts SB, Hanson K, De Marco MM, Sequin RA, Kolodinsky J, Becot F, Ammerman A. A choice experiment to examine factors influencing willingness to participate in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program among low income patients.

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Mark Wolff, PhD Ground Rounds Presentation

Dr. Mark Wolff, PhD was the Ground Rounds speaker November 13, 2017 in Brody Auditorium. The event was sponsored by the Department of Public Health (DPH) and Co-Sponsored by ECU Department of Health Services & Information Management (CAHS). Dr. Wolff's topic was "Opportunities and Challenges Using Unsolicited, Self-Reported, Health Outcomes Data from Open Web-Based Sources. The presentation slides can be found here.

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Bell Basnight
Rural Health Symposium

Dr. Ronny Bell and Dr. Lorrie Basnight were in the news promoting the first Rural Health Symposium that will be held November 16-17, 2017 at the Education Center at Eastern AHEC located at 2600 W. Arlington Boulevard, Greenville, NC.

Call (252) 744-5223 or visit for more information.

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Hayes J
Project explores community resilience after flooding

Jasmine Hayes, a graduate student in the Department of Public Health, has been awarded funding to study resilience in rural communities following natural disasters.

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NCPHA Fall Educational Conference

Faculty and students from ECU were well represented at this year's North Carolina Public Health Association Fall Educational Conference. See below for the list of poster and oral presentations.

Oral Presentations

Implementation of Recommended Tobacco Cessation Systems in Dental Practices: A Qualitative Assessment in Northeastern North Carolina Jonathan Nowlin*, Joseph Lee, Wanda Wright

NC Youth Access to Tobacco Inspections: 2012-2016 Results and Recommendations Kurtis Kozel*, Joseph Lee

Trends in Consumption of Regular Soda and Other Sugar-sweetened Beverages among Adults in North Carolina, 2012, 2013, and 2015 Ann Rafferty*, Satomi Imai, Stephanie Pitts

MATCH - Motivating Adolescents with Technology to CHOOSE Health: Changes in BMI Outcomes and Self-Reported Health Behaviors following a School-Based Childhood Obesity Intervention in North Carolina B. Kelsey Ross*, Suzanne Lazorick, Xiangming Fang

Do You Hear What We're Saying: A Multi-Partner Community Engagement Project for Health Improvement Bhibha Das*, Nancy Winterbauer, Robin Tant, Joan Mansfield

Community Engagement in Public Health Practice Amy Haynes*, Emily Roberts

Improving third party payer reimbursement for sexually transmitted disease services in North Carolina: A study on attitudes, knowledge and current practices among 60 health departments/districts Cheryl Kovar*, Susan Bynum

Dental and other health care visits among adults with diabetes in North Carolina Huabin Luo, Ronny Bell*, Wanda Wright, Qiang Wu

Enhancing patient portal use targeting low-income primary caregivers Juhee Kim*, Holly Mathews, Akshat Kapoor

Utilizing electronic health record data to attempt to reduce overuse and misuse of rural emergency room services. Christopher Duffrin*, Jason Brinkley

Poster Presentations

The Impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Healthcare Coverage in North Carolina Fei Gao *, Satomi Imai, Katherine Jones

NCPHA Healthy Babies Initiative Evaluation Ben Hooker*, Suzanne Lea

Baseline Assessment of a Healthy Corner Store Initiative: Associations Between Food Store Environments, Customer Purchases, and Self-Reported and Objectively Measured Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Stephanie Jilcott Pitts*, Qiang Wu, Kimberly Truesdale, Melissa Laska, Taras Grinchak , Ronny Bell

Feasibility, Reliability, and Validity of a Noninvasive Assessment of Skin Carotenoid Status as a Measure of Dietary Carotenoid Consumption in a Diverse Community Sample Stephanie Jilcott Pitts*, Lisa Jahns, Taras Grinchak, Ronny Bell, Kimberly Truesdale, Qiang Wu

Geofencing: Mobile technology as a Health Promotion Tool to Raise Awareness of a Dental Clinic in Rural NC Kayla Locklear, Mary Tucker-McLaughlin, Ann Rafferty*, Nancy Winterbauer, Wanda Wright

Adapting an Evidence-Based Intervention to a Low-Resource, Rural Program: Lessons Learned. Jimme' Patterson *, Nancy Winterbauer

Getting the Logic and the Model: The Conetoe Family Life Center Program Logic Model Nancy Winterbauer, Jimme' Patterson *, Ann Rafferty

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