college bound transition curriculum

These resources are intended to be used by teachers and families supporting transition to college for students with learning differences. 

These materials are available at no cost thanks to generous funding support from the Oak Foundation and the William R. Kenan Charitable Trust and can be downloaded from this website. We only ask that you (1) appropriately reference materials that you distribute to students and others and (2) provide feedback after using the resources. We will soon be adding a link to this site so you can send comments, additional materials, and ideas to the curriculum developers for expanding/refining the resources. We hope to continually revise these curriculum materials based on ongoing feedback.

 College Bound Transition Curriculum Flyer 



  • Fully developed lesson and activity plans designed to help students take one STEPP at a time to get ready for college
  • PowerPoint slides to accompany each lesson with detailed teacher notes included
  • Student activity handouts with teacher answer keys
  • Student guided notes for each module


  • Lessons and activities are designed to take approximately 30 minutes each and were originally conceived as appropriate for a Curriculum Assistance class environment. Teachers are, however, encouraged to reformat or alter lessons/activities as needed.
  • Curriculum resources are posted in both PDF and rich text formats. Feel free to print and distribute files to students as needed for educational purposes. Rich text files can be modified as needed for your unique setting and student population. We only ask that you include one of the references below when using the materials.
  • Please provide feedback after you complete each module. If you find useful ways to edit or add to the materials, please consider sending us these edits or new resources so we can share them with others as we continue to revise the curriculum.


Please use one of the following citations when distributing materials:

Taken from: Johnson, E., James, M., King, L., Williams, S., & Grandy, L. (2013). Project STEPP Transition Curriculum. East Carolina University.

Adapted from: Johnson, E., James, M., King, L., Williams, S., & Grandy, L. (2013). Project STEPP Transition Curriculum. East Carolina University.


 The Transition Curriculum is organized into two segments, materials for middle school transition and high school transition. Please use the links below to access these materials.

News and Events

Transition Curriculum Posted

We have now posted the full STEPP Program Transition Curriculum on this page. Each module is available as a single-file PDF and in individual files in either RTF or PPT format.

Recent Updates

As we update the curriculum, we will post news about which materials have been modified here.

July 29, 2015 - New Family resources posted. Family Module 1 and Family Module 2 added. (Scroll down to bottom of page for family section.)

March 4, 2015 - Minor edits made to Lesson Plan for M2L2; updated files posted: M2L2 Plan and M2 Complete PDF 

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Project STEPP Transition Curriculum

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