Health Sciences Campus

About Student Learning Contracts

The Division of Health Sciences Student Learning Contracts Office serves two functions:

  1. The Office acquires contracts for ECU Health Sciences students to have clinical experiences outside the ECU system. Contracts are held with agencies in the U.S. and internationally.
  2. The Office acquires contracts for students from other colleges and universities to come to ECU for learning experience.

Many agencies allow students to visit for observational purposes only. However, if students will have patient contact or access to confidential patient information, a student learning contract must be in place.

Each School/College in the Division of Health Sciences has contact individuals who can provide information about which agencies we currently have contracts with. These individuals work with the Student Learning Contracts Office and can facilitate the acquisition of a contract with an agency if one does not currently exist.

School/College Contacts

College of Allied Health Sciences Mary Graves (Interim) 252-744-6506
College of Nursing Brenda Smith 252-744-6365
School of Dental Medicine Melissa Yow 252-737-7179
Brody School of Medicine Christopher Bridgers 252-744-2029