Office of University Scholarships

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Campus Based Scholarship Process for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

East Carolina University has a variety of scholarships available to incoming freshmen, transfer students, and existing students.  Effective October 2014, the process for applying for scholarships on our campus changed.  The university now utilizes an on-line application portal for most of the scholarships offered to both incoming and existing students. 

Opportunities can be located by visiting the ECU On-line Scholarship Management System - ECUAward - at Applicants use their ECU credentials (Pirate ID and password) to gain access to the general scholarship application and a variety of conditional applications that may display should you be eligible for those programs.  Instructions for using the portal, ECUAWard can be found here.

Scholarships are offered each academic year and the funds are typically spread across the academic year with 50% of the award paid in the fall semester and 50% paid in the spring semester.  Most scholarships have specific eligibility criteria which may range from something as simple as being from a specific county or geographical region to being an active volunteer with a certain service group.  Others will have specific Grade Point Average (GPA) and/or test score requirements and may contain a requirement for demonstrated Financial Need.  Please review the descriptions of each opportunity listed on ECUAWard to determine whether your application meets the specific requirements.  All scholarships are subject to the availability of funds and may not be awarded each year depending on the current economic conditions.

Always check the web pages for your major (a departmental web page) or your college (where your major is housed) for additional scholarship information.  These web pages often have additional helpful information about opportunities within the major but external to the university.  When in doubt, questions can always be directed to the Office of University Scholarships @