Revising Degree Explorer

Maintaining Degree Explorer is a collaborative process that involves multiple groups on campus. If you would like to request revisions to the text and/or images for a specific degree, please use the link at the bottom of this page to access the Creative Services ticketing system.

Please note

The information contained within the "What You Will Study" section is drawn directly from the current university catalog and cannot be revised within the context of Degree Explorer. Questions or comments regarding this information should be directed to

Information listed within the "Careers With This Degree" section are based on crosswalks from Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP), NSSBIC and Bureau of Labor Statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics. Comments or suggestions regarding the career listings should be forwarded to

Requests for revisions are accepted via the Creative Services ticketing system for the following items:

  • Photos
  • Text for "About this major"
  • Text for "The ECU advantage"
  • Links for websites

In most cases, the text in the two sections identified above was provided by the colleges and departments. Creative Services can develop new text if requested but will require input and review by the respective department prior to publishing any changes on Degree Explorer. Additionally, if new photography is requested, the person submitting the request may be asked to assist in arranging a photo shoot.

To submit a ticket, click the link below. Choose "New Web Request" and reference "Degree Explorer" and the specific degree in the job name. This change request does not reference the page you click on, so please provide a detailed description of the request and attach content to the ticket.